Kojima explains the differences between the Japanese and Western box arts for MGS: Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima explains how he and his team came up with the different box arts for the Japanese and North American versions of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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Sunny_D3104d ago

It makes sense with the CO OP thing. Japanese houses are smaller and closer to each other where friends can easily meet and play one another. Plus, Japan is handheld crazy so most likely the lady that lives next to you has one too. In the west, it's not like that. But, the Western boxart is cooler if you ask me.

drdistracto7073104d ago

hate the Japanese box

but the western box is magnificent... best boxart ive seen for a while!

Anon73493104d ago

The western one looks like any generic war game with snake's head stuck on the cover. Most 12 year olds would probably think it looks badass but other than that it looks like a typical FPS cover.

The fact that the majority of N4G enjoys the generic war game box art is no surprise to me, considering N4G.

While the Japanese one is a brilliant Yellow, with a neat design that actually makes it look like a Metal Gear game. Also, the four people on cover really make it feel like the team based, action stealth TPS it actually is.

Redempteur3104d ago

solo infiltration action ..

sweet words ..

Sunny_D3104d ago

lol, that sure is an innuendo huh? Where's the young Eva in the game?

ThanatosDMC3104d ago

Yeah, i want her to be in the game too with many innuendos like in MGS3... Eva and Big Boss' wrestling match... Naked Snake got pwned!

DeltaZ3R053104d ago

even the boxart mean something damn!, kojima sir your just amazing!

love the two covers! its a win!

Tony P3104d ago

I dunno about "brilliant" because it's actually quite standard.

The packaging is almost never slapped on without consideration for the message it conveys.

Redempteur3104d ago

actually it's simple enough to convey the intended message ..besides we all know the story mind-f*ck is inside the game not on the cover

rezzah3104d ago

Western is very badass, I really like the Japanese Cover cause of the bright yellow, it really stands out.

Kratos Shepherd3104d ago

I love the Western box art but im not too sure about the Japanese one, too kiddish for me.
I really hope MGS:PW is like a MGS5 for the PSP, as Kojima said thats what he wanted it to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.