LittleBigPlanet 2 first look next week ?

Looking at all the various rumors, here is that next week could be revealed to journalists LittleBigPlanet 2

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THC CELL3105d ago

with sony gears of war has lost game of the year by 4 games all ready

Sunny_D3105d ago

Wow, the last time the 360 actually won any GOTY awards was back in 07, although most people gave the award to Bioshock with a few sites giving it to Halo 3.

mrv3213105d ago

Let me be the first to say, would it be cool if the LBP stuff was backwards compatible... imagine that, starting of with millions of levels.

LordMarius3105d ago

Im telling you I dont think LBP2 will be another 2D platformer

Milky3105d ago

That would be amazing if that article is true!

Sunny_D3105d ago

Remember when MM actually already had the FPS view implemented in LBP where using the PS eye could allow such a thing? Maybe LBP2 will actually incorporate it.