No Doubt wins first step in lawsuit against Activision

Activision must have broken some mirrors or crossed a black cat because their bad luck is getting worse. It seems that everybody is against Activision these days, even bands like No Doubt.

There is No Doubt that Activision is bringing all of this hurt onto themselves. It's only when you think you're on the top of the world that you come crashing back down to reality.

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Ziriux3498d ago

Yesssssss, they will lose a lot of money in lawsuits, this is great.

Yi-Long3498d ago

... but the lawsuit itself is ofcourse ridiculous.

No Doubt failed to get themselfs properly informed about the whole deal beforehand, quickly signing the deal for the easy buck, and come crying about it afterwards. It's just pathetic.

Valay3498d ago

I had a feeling a lot of people would have that reaction.

jjohan353497d ago

Maybe you should read the news before commenting. Activision breached the contract. The band got back together so the company could use their likeness to perform only the band's three songs, not the entire game's song collection.


geth1gh3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

to the person above me, it sounds like you agree with their decesion.

I mean, for real, you are suing a company because your band was featured playing all the songs in the game, and not just the 3 you had on there? If I were a band, I would be flattered to have this honor.

what is this world coming to, suing over stuff like that?

PS360PCROCKS3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

"Jesus christ to the guy above me you sound like you disagree with their decision"

flattered? really? what is this world coming to when people can't even honor legal agreements anymore? Everyone is a sneaky bastard these days...They had a contract to SING THEIR SONGS! 3, 3, 3 count em' THREE songs dude...are you serious? It's a LEGAL CONTRACT. No doubt has a REASON to be pissed man, they don't do karaoke and they want to be known for their music, and theirs alone.

Say you worked for Ford and you sold your rights to a game for say the Mustang, F 150 lightning and a focus. Now the game decides they want to use any car they want, hell they are even going to make up imaginary cars and put your logo on it. Think Ford wouldn't sue?

jjohan353497d ago

Suppose you programmed a video game and I'm your publisher. We sign a contract for me to publish your video on the iPhone, but I also decide to publish your game on the PC, 360, PS3, Apple, etc. And on top of that I will change the voices to your game characters to the opposite gender, lol (read the article). Activision took a product or work and overused it without compensating fairly as stipulated in the contract.

It's breach of contract and you draw the line before one person continues to overstep it.

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Yi-Long3498d ago

... I hate Activision as much as the next gamer, but come on: read a contract before you sign it! Get informed as to what's going on in these games before you sell your soul for a quick buck!

Don't come crying about it afterwards like little babies!

Sad and pathetic lawsuit by No Doubt.

-Alpha3497d ago

If No Doubt can win a "ridiculous lawsuit" I wonder what the chances of Respawn Entertainment are.

Activision likely wont crash and burn, but they will burn and any damage is good retribution against these hacks.

Tony P3497d ago

Read the contract?

As I understand it, it sounds like Activision broke the agreement. No Doubt signed on to do three songs as an act and Activision went and ignored or forgot that. Then refused to fix it.

Maybe it seems silly to sue over such a thing, but then again maybe Activision should have held up their end of the bargain.

Rocket Sauce3497d ago

If it were as simple as you think it is, their lawsuit would have been thrown out.

gameseveryday3498d ago

looks like activision will lose all the money they earned through MW2!

GUCommander3497d ago

While I think this lawsuit is absurd, I think that Activision is getting it's due karma. Activision has been fairly "evil" throughout the past decade, and what they did with Infinity Ward continues the trend into this decade...

Activision really needs to take a hard look at itself and rethink it's angle on things. The world, and especially gamers, are getting sick of the evil in the industry.

Activision, Ubisoft, and EA just to name a few. Notice they are the biggest in the industry. They obviously didn't get there by being nice guys...but you don't need to be evil to succeed. Look at Valve. Everyone has the utmost respect of them as both a publisher and developer. Valve will continue to grow as these other evil companies start to see their decline.

Ubisoft dug it's grave with the whole DRM, Activision is playing the game in the most dirty of ways, and EA is just a bunch of crooks.

kvg883497d ago

seems like Activision has been pissing people off nonstop.

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The story is too old to be commented.