How to save the dying Stealth genre

We at the Kartel love being sneaky, but we think it's about time for some real innovation in the genre. There is a cornucopia of other possibilities just waiting to be explored.

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Midnight-Rogue3109d ago

MGS4 was amazing, that was the last great stealth game, now we'll what happens with MGS: Rising.

swiftshot933109d ago

I think Rising is supposed to be an action game though. MGS4 was hands down phenomenal though, I played (but havent finished) Splinter Cell Conviction, but I think MGS4 is a much better stealth game. Splinter Cell is a different kind of stealth game, though its pretty awesome too. When at its best, its super satisfying.

morganfell3109d ago

The lengthy Peacewalker demo is showing that game to have extensive stealth gameplay.

BYE3109d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I don't see it dying at all with Splinter Cell: Conviction, MGS Peace Walker, Uncharted 2 (yep, the stealth parts are pretty awesome) and the upcoming Alpha Protocol.

Agent from Rockstar is supposed to be based on stealth, too.

It never was a genre that devs would overdo like FPSs anyway...and that's fine.

thor3108d ago

But even MGS4 lost some of the stealth elements; you could go through most stages just by shooting (which was usually easier), and getting spotted was not penalised as much as in previous games (in MGS2 waves of enemies with riot shields would come to hunt you down; in MGS4 you could easily take care of the few guards who came for you). There were also more action sequences and old gameplay mechanics, whilst left in, became redundant unless you really forced yourself to e.g. not use any guns.

This is a common trend. Now I never liked splinter-cell - the checkpoints were too far apart and the enemies too aware (might be more realistic but it can make it annoyingly hard unless you're content just to shoot everyone). But it seems that splinter-cell has now turned into an action game. Thief 3 ruined the franchise in my opinion. Other genres are also degrading into mindless action - Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark are proof of this. I don't want it to continue because I want my stealth genre back!

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I need to get into the stealth genre some more.

Agent, simply because it's from R*, sounds like its going to be amazing so I'll probably try that out.

I really liked how cool SSC was. MGSIV is much more slower paced and has a more intense feel to it IMO.

UC2's stealth was flashy and cool too, but the AI was meh. Don't blame them since stealth was a small component, but it was dissatisfying jumping in plain view of enemies or having them walk over their unconscious comrades without noticing or reacting.

Everybody is obsessed with graphics these days but I'd love to see some advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

STK0263108d ago

I think stealth games are pretty much dead. Now, I greatly enjoyed MGS4, AC I and II as well as SC:C, but if you look at SC:C and MGS4, they are completely different games than their predecessors were, rather than putting you in the role of a prey that can defend itself, we're now the predators, in both games, stealth was mostly optional, as going in guns blazing was a less rewarding yet functional way to go through most of those games. I was playing in co-op in SC:C yesterday, and at times, it almost felt like playing UC2 or Gears 2, take cover, fire, find another cover, wait for health to regen, etc. I'm not saying it's a good or a bad thing, but it seems to me the genre has changed this generation, probably in order to attarct a borader audience.


it's just my opinion, but I don't think it's just stealth.

A lot of genres are dying, at least in their traditional formats.

thats just me anyway, and I think it's sad. anyway..

Raf1k13108d ago

Hepefully Thief 4 will be a proper stealth game.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I really want a quality Tenchu game that is like Tenchu Steal Assassin from the PS1 or Tenchu Wrath of Heaven which were the best of the series.

I want a sequel to Big Boss' awesomeness after MGS3 on the PS3. I actually loved those time i had to hunt for food or have food rot or seriously hide from enemies. MGS3 was the best stealth game for me... sucks i never was able to get the Stealth Camo cuz of those kero something dolls... i never managed to shoot all of them.

AliTheBrit193108d ago


I agree M4GS was the last great stealth game

Splinter Cell Conviction has stealth but its more predator stealth, using the shadows to kill as many as you can.

bnaked3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The stealth genre isn't dying. You just need a PSP! ;-)

evrfighter3108d ago

a new "thief" is needed to save the stealth genre

Raz3108d ago

I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm getting a wee bit tired of the FPS genre. The environments may be different, the graphics may be awesome, but it's generally still just "point and shoot" gameplay. Not terribly interesting. A previous article mentioned that we need to care about *why* we're shooting things, and I couldn't agree more.

Depth. It's something a lot of games are missing. There's nothing like a game that makes you think carefully about what you're doing - adds to the immersion factor. Stealth accomplishes this nicely, which is why I had so much fun with Splinter Cell and Thief.

BISHOP-BRASIL3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Games that have gameplay based on stealth today have to face two problems.

The first problem is no-show sequels and no new games, looks like publishers simple don't fund/support stealth games enough.

This gen has seen Siren, MGS4, SC:C (both which are optional stealth) and some crappy Tenchu on Wii and 360 (both way under the average). Where are new Thief, Hitman, Clock Tower, Sly Cooper, Shinobido? Not even less recognizeable shovelwere as CyGirls, Rogue Ops, Sniper Elite, Spy Fiction or Sneak King (burger king crap, an xbox game if memory serves me right), none made a comeback neither their teams spawned new shovel IPs. No one is even going to try a stealth based new IP this gen? The only crap I can remember is Vampire Rain... Geez.

The second problem is toned down stealth or halfly implemented ones, which means devs themselves also are afraid to take a hit if not going Action, which also reflects from gamers' demand.

Batman Arkhan Azylum and Assassin's Creed use stealth elements goodly, but they aren't stealth based. Not saying those games should have been stealth based, but sure as hell they could, but devs either don't like the idea or just prefer to take the actionize route to sell more. The same could been said for many games, Manhunt (2nd game felt like you can go out and beat everyone, thanks to the dumbed down AI and too friendly enviroment) or Rainbow Six (which took the pure shooter route). This dumb down thing is not new. I remember Castle Wolfenstein and we all remember Wolfenstein 3D, talk about actionize.

That said, stealth elements are far from dieing. In fact, they are probably overused, be it for better, like in Beyond Good and Evil journalist thing, or for worse, like that crap crawling in the grass in COD4 single player (try hide in the grass in any other spot in the game! lol)


The only thing dying, are the REAL Survival Horror Games.

NegativeCreepWA3108d ago

While MGS4 is an amazing game, its not the stealth game it used to be. If you want, you can play it like an third person shooter an not use any stealth at all. If things get bad all you have to do is pull out an assault rifle and shoot everyone.

Gestalt3107d ago

Amen to that, mate. Thief was amongst one of the best stealth genres there were.

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cry from the sky3108d ago

stop making terrible splinter cell games.

Batzi3108d ago

Agreed. Peace Walker is around the corner and the stealth mechanics are phenomenal not to mention the awesome RPG elements that are awaiting us such as managing the Mother Base. Rising is NOT an action game. Kojima confirmed it already that it is STILL a stealth and we are yet to see how this game looks like and how it plays.

Godmars2903108d ago

The best way is with better enemy AI. Have them fully shift tactics when they discover one of their own missing or dead, not just go back to their first routine.

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

Exactly. Ai has been done so poorly/lazily in too many games, and the stealth genre especially needs more effort put into it.

Apocalypse Shadow3108d ago

don't dilute the style for gamers that:

1.don't have patience.

2.have attention spans as short as a 5 second text.

3.not old enough to understand why you sneak.and NOT shoot first.

4.don't understand that sneaking is a greater skill than shooting.because you don't have to fire one shot.but you killed everybody.and saved your bullets for a real opponent.

Hellsvacancy3108d ago

Hurry up and release Hitman V i cant f-in stresss how much i want a next gen Hitman game

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