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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "When changing the way a series is played, developers always run the risk of alienating their loyal audience members. Prior to the release of Splinter Cell: Conviction, many were worried that rather than stealth, players could rely on run-and-gun tactics that are found in many other third person shooters. Having played through over half of the game at this point, I've found that these concerns are somewhat valid. The stealth mechanics that made Splinter Cell a popular game are still intact, and more intuitive than ever, however the game's developer has made some interesting changes that can oftentimes make the game a little too easy."

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JimmyJames703109d ago

Sounds like a cool game. But I'll pick it up on the cheap in a few months.

Inside_out3109d ago

Games alot of fun...even better the second time through when you have an idea of what your going up against with all the weapons and gadgets you've unlock...Took me 8+ hrs on realistic...great story and game play....

katydarlin3109d ago

Maybe I should check this game out. Stealth kills have always been one of my favorite things in video games.

dkgshiz3109d ago

Theirs barely any stealth in this game.

clarkjudo3109d ago

I went the stealth direction (less or no M&E). And got at least 12 hours on the campaign or more. Currently playing hunter, first 2 maps of 6 maps. An average of 45 minutes each.

AliTheBrit193109d ago

It can be easy

But on Realism you get some real tricky almost impossible situations.

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