How To: Access Your Entire Computer From an iPad

John Herrman from Gizmodo writes, I don't buy into the iPad as a laptop replacement-not quite. But it is fantastic at tapping into your computers to access video and audio, documents, and even your full desktop, remotely. Here's how.

The iPad is first a foremost a device for consuming media, and where is most of your media if not on your desktop or laptop? All your videos, both self-created and downloaded; your music collection, which is so much larger than your iPad's flash storage can dream of accomodating; your store of documents, which contain so much information about you, your work and your interests. On your iPad, this stuff is too often there, not here-but it doesn't have to be.

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Speed-Racer3503d ago

now why would I want to do that :/

NateNater3503d ago

Why wouldn't you want to do that?

NateNater3503d ago

I don't have one so I have nothing to much to say about it. However, I think it would be nice to access you PC from your iPad.

Noctis Aftermath3501d ago

Can you access your flash player?

Speed-Racer3501d ago

why access it from the ipad when I can access it from ... my pc... the source :)

GIJeff3500d ago

LOL. seriously....why not just use a 300 dollar netbook people? if you're really doing "work" at starbucks you don't need to be fondling your screen...I get it if you just want a "honey i blew up the iPhone" to play with. But this thing is nowhere near being a useful tool.

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anonymouse1113353501d ago

While it is handy you need to remember the security risks and that your ISP most likely does not let you run a server (if they realize you are(not likely on small scale things like this) they may charge you extra or kick you), and a bad upload rate won't let you stream video.

That being said it seems pretty handy if you're on the go a lot.

anonymouse1113353501d ago

Funny I get a disagree for warning people about possible risks, I smell one of the macintosh witness

Gestalt3500d ago

That being said, I do recall that accessing your computer wirelessly requires you to force open port(s) that could lead to potential security risks.

Gamer7l3501d ago

....from the comfort of my favorite chair, 15 feet away, and that's all I care about. Bluetooth Logitech MX5500 and 50" LG Plasma beats the f*ck out of iPad. :)