G4TV: GTA Episodes From Liberty City Console Comparison

G4TV did a comparison of Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City. If you have a PS3 and own a copy of GTA Episodes From Liberty City you can tell G4TV turned down the brightness.

Jedward-5212d ago

Gta sucked this gen i could care less what they look like , it was comprimised the second it went multiplatform , just like dmc 4 and ff13

Red_Orange_Juice5211d ago

I love GTA 4 ;p
Im going to play Cops n Crooks lol

Lifendz5211d ago

GTA underdelivered, but it did NOT suck. I was able to get a handle on the driving mechanics but I felt they should've left it aracadey like in past GTAs. Also, the seriousness of the story sorta kept them from really doing any of the zany stuff with Niko that we all like.

But I will be getting these two DLCs...probably just for the Gay Tony stuff.

ThatArtGuy5211d ago

I went back to Vice City after IV and the vehicles are horrendous to control. If you want arcade style driving, get Saint's Row II. You feel like you're skating (like Vice City).

Vice City is still my favorite, but IV definitely trumps it in vehicle control.

Official General5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

In my view, GTA 4 was quite a letdown and disappointment for various reasons, eg. missing features, repetitive gameplay, limited content etc. From what I've known,learnt and seen, that seems to be the general view amongst most gamers that are GTA fans. GTA 4 simply was not as great as it was hyped up to be. However, GTA 4 was certainly not a rubbish game by any means - it was well made and I still thought it was a very good game, and quite fun to play in many parts.

I remember these console comparisons when the orginial GTA 4 first came out two years ago and it turned out that the major gaming sites like IGN, and GamesRadar had stated that the PS3 version was slightly better looking, and even one of the game's creators, Dan Houser said he preferred the PS3 version (dont get mad 360 fanboys check it yourself). But the 360 guys still dont wanna hear it, they still wanna do these comparisons up until now and say the 360 version is better. It looks very good on my PS3 in full 720p HD on my 20' Sony Bravia with my preferred adjusted settings. The settings can make a real BIG diffrerence, so these comparisons are meaningless if they dont do the settings right.

As I'm a PS3-only owner I was glad when I heard this was coming out for the PS3, seeing as GTA 4 the original game disappointed me. I bought a PS3 copy of Episodes from Liberty City yesterday and I aint played it yet tho, but I'm looking forward to it. Next up, Red Dead Redemption!

AliTheBrit195211d ago

What are you talking about?

GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas

All on Original Xbox

So what the hell does it being multi-platform have to do with ANYTHING?

I know it must be difficult for you, but please try use your head once in a while.

N4BmpS5211d ago

@Jedward yeah GTAIII-San Andreas were all timed exclusives sooo they went to Xbox 1 eventually. So what you talkin about?

Anyway watching this makes me really want those now. I want to kill those D-bag guys

tinybigman5211d ago

i liked GTA4 but not enough to keep my copy to play multiple times just for fun. the multiplayer was ok but again not enough to keep me interested.

hopefully GTA5 goes back to being like the old ones VC, SA. R* please bring back the fun from those games will advancing the tech and story.

palaeomerus5211d ago

And Red Dead Redemption too, AMIRIGHT?

palaeomerus5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

Are you kidding me? Everything in GTA IV except for the motorcycles drove like top heavy overloaded armored courier trucks with wobbly shocks even at low speeds. That wouldn't have been impressively realistic if the game were set in the early 1920's much less in modern times. The vehicle driving in GTA IV was absolutely PITIFUL and RIDICULOUS.

Arcadey driving would have been a huge improvement over GTA IV's absurdist driving physics.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n5211d ago

GTA did not suck, it was just different to other GTA's. I think the DLC goes back to the kind of stuff there was in GTA:SA (Parachutes, APCs, exlplosive shotgun rounds, the buzzard etc) so there's something in this gens GTA for everyone.

quadalupeupe5211d ago

the first thing i noticed with my xbox 360 is black isn't black, its more of a charcoal grey, could be because xbox 360 hdmi is only 1.2 where PS3 is 1.3

if i set reference levels to expanded on 360 it darkens things but leaves other objects too dark in the process, standard and intermediate are still off

PS3 seems to properly display things as they should on HD TV's whereas 360 is still using reference levels of standard definition

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Vip3r5212d ago

I have this on the PS3 but the 360 version does look a bit better. That said, EFLC does look like it's had an improvement in performance and quality when compared to GTA4.

zeeshan8105212d ago

They turned down the PS3 version brightness.

BannedForNineYears5211d ago

No way?! I couldn't tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BYE5212d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

It looks good on my screen and that's all I care about.

I never had a game where I had less fun because I didn't like a texture or the water.

ian725211d ago

I thought GTA4 was a good game and got GTA Episodes on blu-ray.
GTA4 and the Episodes look good to me on my HD tv. Looking forward to Red Dead Redemption next, which will have the same type of graphics and I've no complaints about them.

zeeshan8105211d ago

Red Dead Redemption graphics are way better than GTA IV. Because R* knows now how to use RAGE totally. :P
I'm getting a PS3 version.

BYE5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

I was surprised how good BOGT looks and plays compared to GTA IV.

It's basically what GTA IV should have been in the first place. Yep, Red Dead Redemption will be a very nice game.