Apple systems more vulnerable to virus attacks than Microsoft, says Security Expert

With Apple products gaining more popularity, some hardcores are still in the dark believing that Apple software is much safer than the programs being run on a Microsoft based system. A security expert begs to differ.

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whateva3505d ago

so where are all the Apple viruses?

dangert123505d ago

that is better protected the the over o.s's is stupid it a popularity thing they will catch up as everyone starts to move over

NateNater3505d ago

Read this

It's just a little more info on your question.

Mista T3505d ago

a lot more people have a windows OS so people who make viruses target the largest market

Solidus187-SCMilk3505d ago

Ive had the same comp for 5 years now and no virus.

I never really understood the who "windows get more viruses" argument as I dont get viruses.

If I had a Mac I probably wouldnt get a virus either.

jden283505d ago

People in the trenches tinkeres, script kiddies, and wannabe hackers have simlpy never bothered to attack the mac in masses, but best believe as the app store gets big just as google learned MS OS's aren't necessarily less secure just attacked moren so as apple gets more popular it's a double edged sword it will get attacked more and more and as it does you will see more viruses...

Tony999Montana3505d ago

Trojan=/=virus. Therefore you didn't answer his question

Cyorg3505d ago

People don't write viruses for the smallest market share. If I'm going to take the time to write a virus, I want it to affect as many people as possible. So I'm going to write it for Windows.

Raz3505d ago

Yeah, I got that one. A quick scan with Norton killed it, though.

The first rule of connecting to the internet is the same as the first rule of sex. Always use protection.

wpggamer3505d ago

The guy never actually says that macs are easier to attack, just that it is possible. Fact is, with windows the default account is administrator. That basically means that without a password, anything can be done to the machine. With macs and all nix's, a password is required. Basic, but enough to prevent most attacks. As far as hacker competitions go, it is the web browser which is most vulnerable, which is the case with all machines. It's still difficult to get a program to run without the knowledge of the user, unlike in windows.

ReBurn3505d ago

Here's some info on Mac viruses. Apple's OS software has exploitable holes just like Windows and Linux. Just because you don't hear about it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, which is just what the hackers love.

NaiNaiNai3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

lol I love mac owners, they know nothing about computers.

I can hack your mac os in 5 minutes in front of it. :D change all your passwords get all your files and be out without you ever knowing.

its pathetic easy..

BTW I don't need extra software to do this, its in the mac console.

unlike windows which I need a bootdisk.

Raz3504d ago

Any doofus can mess with a computer he's sitting in front of and logged into. How is that even considered hacking?

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ForROME3505d ago

Im an IT Director and I have said this for yrs, Apple has always been easier to attack but because they are not the majority market share holder, people dont waste their time, Hackers like the TOP DOGS thats how they gain their name.

jjesso19933505d ago

Its allways been the case but theres little interest and the userbase is so low easyer make viruses for windows i thought this was common knowledge

BrianC62343505d ago

There's only one reason this is true. Most Mac owners don't have antivirus software. But there aren't many Mac viruses. There are some viruses that mostly hit Windows that can hit the Mac too but most viruses are Windows only.

SaiyanFury3505d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself. Macs are immune to Windows-based viruses, but should someone create a virus designed to attack a Mac environment, because of the absence of anti-virus software, a Mac would be completely vulnerable.

Premonition3505d ago

theres one minor correction you forgot, the reason why there arent any antiviruses for Mac os its not like its 100% open to attacks its because apple has built it in within the OS itself, but like everyone says all it takes is someone to write a program for that OS to mess it up.

Raz3504d ago

What absence?

I personally use several firewalls, antivirus software, encoded routers, port monitors, vulnerability scanners, browser cryptography, IP traceroute programs and a few other little surprises.

Macs have protective options, I assure you.

bjornbear3505d ago

i probably have loads of viruses on my Mac...they jsut don't do anything xD

Speed-Racer3505d ago

yea cause you downloaded a windows virus, which does nothing..get a mac virus and ull be thinking twice.

Cryos3505d ago

i believe that's what he was saying....

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The story is too old to be commented.