iPhone 4G coming in June or July? Here are more reasons why

The hints are rolling in that the iPhone 4G may be launching in either June or July. With employee vacation cut backs, a new OS rollout an more, the 4G seems to be coming soon.

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RonyDean3502d ago

It definitely looks like its gonna be releasing in June! Looking forward to it!

Speed-Racer3502d ago

Yep, june or july seems like a plausible time.

simplyRealistic183502d ago

besides the fact that apple release a new iphone every year in june, what more evidence do you actually need, and person with simple logic no an new iphone is coming, so i don't get whats all this hype for something we all know is coming

RonyDean3502d ago

Did everyone see the leaked images of the new iPhone? Looks pretty sweet! Im really liking the new design!

kissmeimgreek3502d ago

i Love the design too. but somethings telling me that was a prototype... Im pretty sure the buttons and stuff will be the same but I doubt the breaks in metal border will be there.

simplyRealistic183502d ago

its just a prototype, probably so non-apple employees people can't distinguish it from other iphone, i doubt that will be the final version when the new iphone actually comes out in june, apple is known for the the sleek products, and the new design is bad, i like the less square shape better,

kenmid3502d ago

People gotta remember the G in iphone 4g will mean 4th genaration iphone, not 4g high speed internet. AT&T won't roll out 4g until the end of 2011. I think the Sprint Evo 4g is going to blow the iphone 4g out of the water, and it will have true 4g intenet on launch.

Cregan45843502d ago

Can't say I agree with you on that.

pimpmaster3502d ago

pretty cool ill see what it has to offer if it isnt just a iphone 3gs with more space ill keep my 3g.

JJFNIGHTS803501d ago

Who gives a damn bout the iPhone 4G. I'm waiting for HTC Desire or the X10 SONY. I'm just glad I wasn't like some people who rush out to buy the crappy iPhone. I could care less if bout the crappy iPhone.