Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3 - GamesRadar tells you when

Chris Antista writes, There's been a lot of talk as to when, and even if, Splinter Cell: Conviction will get released on PlayStation 3. First the unannounced PS3 version popped up on a couple of Ubisoft resumes, only to be immediately removed. Then just today VG247 asked a Ubi exec when/if the PS3 will see Conviction. To which he responded with the typical corporate "I dunno/maybe/can't say?"

Well, you PS3 owners needn't sulk any longer - GamesRadar can confirm that there's a 99.999% chance Splinter Cell: Conviction will definitely hit the PS3, and with a sense of history, we can even predict when.

Ask yourself this: How often does Ubisoft release anything exclusively? Rarely. When has Splinter Cell not landed on a PlayStation console? Never. Has Splinter Cell ever appeared on Xbox as a timed exclusive? Several times.

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ClownBelt3108d ago

Lmao. Well, the author got a point there. Then again, who would buy this dumbed down game if there's already better ones out there by the time it releases to the PS3.

Lifendz3108d ago

and not because I'm trying to troll. Splinter Cell just isn't my thing. I tried it and didn't really like it. Too many good games coming out. If there's an exclusive I'd like it's probably the Mass Effect games. E3 can't get here soon enough.

deadreckoning6663108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I can't wait to play the best stealth game ever on my PS3 :)

@Alpha-Male- MGS4 is the better overall package in regards to its story, wealth of great characters, sound, etc., but the Splinter Cell series has been running laps around the MGS franchise for years in the STEALTH department(the most important aspect of a STEALTH game)

Its all opinion of course, but I find it odd that people would believe MGS4 is the best stealth game out there when you can't even use shadows to ur advantage. People say that MGS4 is the best stealth game out there, yet Snake can't spot and mark his enemies?

@madmonkey- Ive said it time and time again on this site before, I've had MGS4 for over a year. I PLAYED it and I thought the gameplay was boring. I enjoyed the narrative for the most part, but I havent gone back to it since last June. The gameplay is way too slow paced for me. I spent 30 bucks on MGS4 and I STILL felt cheated. The only two thgs MGS4 does better than Conviction are Octocamo and the variety of weapons...oh and the different costumes of course =).

LordMarius3108d ago

this is true. Back to the best stealth game, MGS4

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I would love for PS3 owners to experience it, though the length turns me off big time. 5-10 hours for $80 (canadian) is overkill.

But the more games the merrier.

I played the demo of both MGSIV and SCC. I honestly have no hard opinion on either, but MGSIV was much more difficult while SCC felt more flashy and streamlined to me. Not saying any is bad or good, but they were both enjoyable. I know nothing of either game's history, which is unfortunate because stealth games sound fun.

madmonkey03108d ago


yeh, you can pick up MGS4 cheap nowa days, you should get it!

Gamealot3108d ago

is when sam fisher interrogates people. he puts his hand on your throat and all of the sudden you can't move or fight back. i don't know about u, but if someone tries to choke me, i'm gonna kick him right on his nuts as hard as i can.
back on topic: if this game comes out to the PS3, i may rent it

ClownBelt3108d ago

$80 dollars for a game...I know what you mean since that's how much I get charge here in Vancouver.

I'd say sell the game in Amazon afterwards.

gaffyh3108d ago

@dead - You've obviously never played Thief, that has the best stealth out of every other stealth game.

morganfell3108d ago

I fit isn't this year then Ubisoft can forget turning a profit. PS 3 games are advancing too fast for them to offer this game the middle of next year and expect any one to even bat an eye. They have a very small window to earn back the development money.

Otherwise the game would have to be a huge over haul. Most PS3 fans won't care when they offer the game with, "Oh look, an additional level!"

No thanks. MGS4 buries this game in the offering. Snake doesn't require a cheap mechanic designed for very low skilled players in mind. Feature set, First Person/Third person playability, a wealth of replayability, the ability to actually stealth through 99% of the game, not to mention untouchable graphics put MGS4 far ahead of any pretenders to the stealth throne.

Big Boss Extreme FTW.

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

We get screwed big time man.

Also, call it strange, but when I buy games I do not sell them. I collect them, and have a nice library of games ordered in a specific way. Selling games is something I hate doing and never see myself doing.

Otherwise I'd be renting and buying/selling games anytime a big release comes out, but I'm stuck picking my shots.

It sucks because I've missed a lot of games, but I'll eventually get to them. The earliest games this gen I've been meaning to try are Viva Pinata and Valkyria Chronicles.

I think I'd get MGSIV if I had a choice since it's cheaper but I have my eyes set on 3D Dot Heroes right now. Not a hardcore stealth gamer so SCC may be the more casual road to take, but way too short for my liking.

Redrum0593108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Mgs4 does use shadows in it's stealth, even mgs3 does it. Mgs4 has way more stealth elements then scc. Speaking of 360 games, why all the scc coming to ps3, I wanna see MassEffect on my ps3. Now that's a 360 game I realy want.

Edit: I like your answer alpha-male. I hate selling my games, I currently own 20ps3 games and I too am waiting for 3d dot heroes. Ppl say it's stupid to buy a single player game becuase of it's lack of multiplayer and replay value is a lil less, if that's the case then why do ppl buy movies. It's always fun to hav a game for a long time without playing it and returning to it with a new feeling again. I'm sure ScC isn't bad but mgs4 is a good game too(wanderful if you know the story well). I suggest u getting both.

Red_Orange_Juice3108d ago

I think "rarely" is more than 00.001% LOLZ

fossilfern3108d ago

Well i had this on Pre order for the PC but after demons souls got anounced for the EU we were able to preorder it in work so i canceld the pre order for Convivtion and moved it over to Demons Souls :D so im not botherd if it comes out or not im just waiting for JUNE!!!!!!

-Alpha3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I think there are some "Metal Gear in 5 minute" videos around youtube. That's how I understood Halo 2's storyline so maybe I'll watch those before I play MGSIV lol.

I have a serious backlash of games that I need to play. inFamous is one I've been meaning to play for a while. Perhaps when #2 comes out.

I can't wait for 3D Dot Heroes. Nobody is hyping it and it pisses me off because it looks fantastic. $40 retail= win.

Arnon3108d ago

For anyone who has played both of these games, there is no way you can sit there and say that MGS4 is a better stealth game. It's stealth mechanic is incredibly basic compared to SC:C.

Is it a better game in general? Yes.

Is it a better stealth game? I would honestly say no.

deadreckoning6663108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@Redrum- Like I said, I havent played it in a year. If me saying somethg innacurrate about MGS4 gets u angry enough to call me a moron, I'm afraid to think what you may do if someone attacked you personally. Sheesh lighten up dude...its just a game and theres no need for name calling.

ico923108d ago

TBH im sure Conviction is a great game but im not gonna buy it because its Splinter Cell i've never really been a fan of the franchise, im a Metal Gear fan, i could never get into the "stick to the shadows" gameplay mechanics of SC and the stories were never really engaging it felt like i was watching CNN at 6pm ,but hey it works both ways becuase most people that dislike the Metal Gear Franchise tend to be fans of Splinter Cell.

Eddie201013108d ago

I don't think many PS3 owners are sulking over not having Splinter Cell: Conviction.

tripewire3108d ago

Yeah, Not for me. Played the demo twice. Very lacklustre IMO

N4BmpS3108d ago

If it comes to the PS3, then it comes to the PS3 I don't know why so many people think Ps3 owner want this game so bad(well other than the fact that a good majority do) but I think it will be welcomed. The article made alot of sense considering that all the other SC's came out for the PS(2,3) They were all just timed. Which brings me to the question I get tired of asking. Why do Developers have to make everything so difficult when it comes down to a release(i.e. Gears of war 3) If we [the fans/consumers] know a sequel is coming just tell us if we're right or wrong; same goes for SC tell us yes or no.

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago

Is anyone seriously waiting for this game? I thought the sheep already purchased it by now. The Ai is awful, it doesn't have basic stealth mechanics from previous installations, it's poorly optimized (How poorly do you think they would do porting it if they couldn't even get the original in HD?), and ridiculously short.

Dacapn3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

What's funny is this game is so below the radar to me, I didn't even know it was already released.

Never really been a splinter cell fan tho. The games seem to always be designed around killing everyone without being seen, rather than making it as if you were never even there. Now, if you could choose either option that'd be cool with me, but you can't :/

Consoldtobots3107d ago

"I don't think many PS3 owners are sulking over not having Splinter Cell: Conviction.

and yet like CLOCKWORK we get these retarded articles every time the 360 gets an "exclusive".

360 fanboys then refer back to "aal the articles askin fer splinter cell to come to PS3" and now "PS3 fanboys deny it"

rinse and repeat.

shadow27973107d ago

Well if it does come to PS3, they're going to look pretty silly if they don't remove the giant Xbox Live ad toward the end of the game.

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KS19853108d ago

Ubisoft should look into remaking Conviction for PS3 instead of just porting it over, so that it would be a different gaming experience from the 360.

CobraKai3108d ago

I really enjoyed this game. Heck if they just rereleased it on PS3 in 720p I'd prolly buy it again let alone a remake.

DOMination3108d ago

Not going to happen, this game can only be done on Xbox 360

Parapraxis3108d ago

^ A level of delusion that can only be reached by DOMination.

Digitaldude3107d ago

Lol read his GOW3 review.

corneliuscrust3107d ago

to play conviction on ps3. If they couldn't even get the engine to run 720p on 360 using a modded Unreal engine, what makes anyone think that it would perform BETTER on ps3? How man titles based on the unreal engine perform better on ps3? If they couldn't even manage 720p on 360, I really doubt they would be able to boost it for the ps3. If you want a gfx boost, the game is better played on PC

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Parapraxis3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

My bet is 4 months from now. It'll be confirmed at E3.

Bob-Dole3108d ago

Bob dole agrees, it will be confirmed at E3.

Bob Dole.

Jedward-3108d ago

Funny it says on the 360 box only on windows and xbox360 , lmao i dont what this sh!t game anyway , enjoy your gimped game bots it willl have all the content and look better on pstriple.

Droid Smasha3108d ago

get on your knees and only if your good MS might allow it hahahahaha

avengers19783107d ago

Actually you can keep the gimped splinter cell on your gimped console.
I don't want it!

DigitalRaptor3107d ago

The funny thing is the PS3 has been seeing plenty of AAA games since 2008, and mostly exclusives at that. True exclusives. So asking for MS leftovers is being greedy, so I can see why you don't like that.

jeseth3107d ago

I liked Splinter Cell back in the PS2 days so it would be cool if Conviction came to the PS3. Even if it is more action based and less stealthy now.

As for Droid Smasha, what a tool. Someone has clearly been living under a rock since 2007. Outside of Mass Effect there aren't ANY exclusives that I'm really dying to have on PS3.

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