OXCGN's Metro 2033 Review: Is it worth surviving this apocalypse?

Metro 2033, based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky, is a survival horror first person shooter that sees you as Artyom, the young protagonist gallivanting about post-apocalyptic Moscow trying to save his city from a dangerous new threat – The dark ones.

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Beth3o3106d ago

I like how the writer isnt just slagging it or giving it high praises, very level headed review, good work!

BadCircuit3106d ago

I like how this game got its story from a novel. More games should get their ideas elsewhere and not try to come up with original ideas all the time.

gaminoz3106d ago

The problem with most games is that they don't have original ideas and have predictable low level narratives.

Novels, like films, can provide a good framework for games as long as it translates into an action-oriented interactive experience.

XboxOZ3603105d ago

I actually like the dark mode and sheer desperation NOT being able to see has an affect on me when playing. The whole idea is that the player is after all, in the bowels of a Metro System under Moscow, where there often is not light, and what there is of it, is all artificial.

When I was playing the hands-on at THQ earlier on, in a darkened room with other jurnos, we all got scared and frightened half the time, which I believe is what the developers wanted in the first place.

There are some iffy segments, and for some it may seem that there's little to do, but there will be DLC coming to open up that HUGE map at the beginning, which shows the entire underground network.

I love the game, and find any quibles with it are far outweighed by the positive aspects of the game, and for their first major AAA titles game on consoles, I think the developers have done a stand-up job, but that's just my opinion.

Belgavion3105d ago

I'm hoping to find this game in a bargain bin in the near future

gaminoz3105d ago

Post apocalypse and modern warfare....we are such cheery gamers :) I think I'd like some more James Bond escapism about now!

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