Xbox 360 sales increase 17 percent in Japan

Sales for Xbox 360 increased 17 percent in Japan in new retail data from the region.

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dangert123105d ago

went up 20% then down 12 then up another 17
so thats like 19% rise i think

Shaman3105d ago

hmm whats that from 1000 to 1170,impressive work MS.

-Alpha3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

They have tried so hard in Japan. Not sure how successful they have been but it's clear their market is here in North America and Europe to a lesser extent. Sony on the other hand has that advantage of being a global leader, but North America is lacking most it seems. I'm sure they'll get their American swagger back in full gear with GT5.

Parapraxis3105d ago

...this is not news.
We know the numbers ALREADY.

Are we going to see articles every fricken week about the slightest rise or fall in numbers?


SixZeroFour3105d ago

if it doesnt get successful when natal ships, then i would think it would be safe to say that xbox will never get successful in japan

tinybigman3105d ago

should just give up and call it quits in Japan but they can't. they see how important Japan is still and they have to try a make headway as best as they can.

i love how people are saying that Sony is only doing well in 2 regions but realistically they are doing well in all regions. not once has the PS3 ever sold 2k units in the americans.

also let's not forget that they had to previous systems sell butt loads of units throughout the americas, and if it wasnt for the high starting price when it launched both PS3 and 360 would be neck and neck in the americans.

i may not like M$ as a company but it would be very stupid of them to pull out; even in europe if it wasnt for England the 360 would be dead. americas and england are the only 2 regions (well maybe austraila too) thats keeping the 360 ahead of PS3.

oh and for those saying nintendo also needs their homeland the help them look again they lead in all 3 regions.

Brewski0073105d ago

17% might be good if they werent still getting squashed by the competition but its definately a very good start and maybe they can progress from it i dont know. Its also easier for people to say microsoft should pull out or not try as hard in the asian markets , but really when you look at it, its not just consumers they're in that market for, its games developers also.
If they have enough pull in that market they can attract new developers to the platform that can bring diverse games like asian games to different regions such as europe and the states.
Microsoft has more consoles sold in the states than the ps3 , but the ps3 isnt trying to break into that market as much as the xbox is trying to break into the asian market. Its alot easier for the ps3 in the states as its a well established global brand now after three consoles, but with the xbox, they kept it too americanised too long and in my opinion have missed the boat with the asian market when its swamped by the casual wii player and the hardcore playstation gamer, who favors games made by local developers.

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Jedward-3105d ago

It went up 17% and barley outsold ps2 lol epic fail.

AliTheBrit193105d ago

Dude consider.

The Wii... THE WII, that piece of crap, out sells the PS3 and Xbox 360 on a weekly basis around the globe.

Chubear3104d ago

Yeah, keep pretending it's core gamers that are actually buying the Wii :s lol

Obama3105d ago

wow 3000 units. Impressive indeed..

Montrealien3105d ago

Well, we are talking the Japanese market here, NA alone matches Japanese monthly console sales in a single week.

soxfan20053105d ago

MS has struggled mightily in Japan, but I think they have sold around 1.5 million 360's so far. If so, that's around 3X as many as the original Xbox.

Fortunately, MS doesn't need Japan to survive, while Nintendo & Sony do.

Information Minister3105d ago

@ Montralien - True, but one week of sales in Japan covers the 20k-40k monthly gap between PS3/360 in NA.

Obama3105d ago

360 hit 1 million not too long ago, so it's not possible for them to reach 1.5m sellign 2000+ units a month.

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jjesso19933105d ago

they might as well discontinue the xbox 360 in japan they might be able to afford some more timed exclusives.

v1c1ous3105d ago

sony should discontinue the psp everywhere but japan D:

bjornbear3105d ago

not really...faulty fanboy rebuke logic is faulty

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