200° Alan Wake Preview "Flashlights are a common household item, and common enough in video games with roughly 114 titles featuring them. The first game to have a flashlight was Maniac Mansion which was released by LucasFilm Games in 1987. Typically flashlight uses in video games are limited to practicality, or are used for an aesthetic value that creates a sense of foreboding and anxiety when playing a survival horror game. While these random facts may seem irrelevant, it's actually shocking that it took twenty three years for a creative team to decide to turn a flashlight into a metaphorical bastion of good that incinerates darkness with its cleansing light. Apparently good things come in time. After six years of development Remedy Entertainment's Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake, brings the ultimate flashlight to the table, introducing 'light play' in this action adventure thriller. Will focusing a new gameplay mechanic on a flashlight, one of the most mundane and undervalued items, prove to be more than a shot in the dark?"

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Selyah3503d ago

Certainly sounds intriguing, i've been eyeing this up for a while now.

Sanrin3503d ago

Im pretty pumped for this game, the light mechanics look like a lot of fun

Selyah3503d ago

Aye they do sound cool

mephman3503d ago

They look pretty stellar too!

Jedward-3503d ago

They should have kept it on pc it might have look half decent.

Kioran3503d ago

what a charming article