Rumor: Capcom reveals new Resident Evil game for Wii at Captivate 2010

Rumor has it that a new Resident Evil game for Wii was revealed at Captivate this past week and will mix elements of third-person exploration and on-rails shooting segments.

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GUCommander3505d ago

I really hope this one is better than RE5. That one was such a disappointment :/

Valay3505d ago

Keep in mind that this is definitely not confirmed right now! I don't want anyone to be mislead that is this is even close to be true. Rumors are rumors and no one should truly believe anything until an announcement is made (or no announcement is made).

SpoonyRedMage3505d ago

I bet the third person parts are just cutscenes if true and how come Capcom hasn't figured out that we don't want another on-rails POS.

Jedward-3505d ago

Fail another railshooter inc.

-Mezzo-3505d ago

Great, it would be even great if it's actually a horror experience rather then a Shooter.