New Halo 3 Screenshots

New screenshots have been released showing off more of the single player campaign for Halo 3, the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive first person shooter from Bungie and Microsoft.

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nice_cuppa5132d ago

in motion i thought the new trailer was quite poor !

i wonder if it was just a bad edited trailer !

i know they don't want to ruin the game but if it was me i would have shown the first level being played !

maybe stuff like that will come during the week.

i think the way it works now is the big three do a small conference then the publishers show (pay for) the individual stuff during the week.


Yaoi Sangheili5132d ago

Nice indeed, it's true that still images are often seen better in detail than an image in motion, unless it's slow, but since these are incredible fast paced motions, it's really hard to stop and admire the detail that can be seen once a picture is locked into place, even harder since video distorts and lessens the visual detail, unless you're looking at it running on your own personal screen, even then it depends on what you're running it on! Isn't life just so complicated! ;)

Marriot VP5132d ago

oh man, it's the loch ness monster

Close_Second5132d ago

...regardless of what some people have been saying about being a little disappointed I'm still getting Halo 3. It may not be the best looking game (still damn nice though!!!!) but its a franchise I have enjoyed playing up till now and I cant see this one being any different in that regard.

No matter what you say about either format - its great to be a gamer right now!

Yaoi Sangheili5132d ago

If not for the online, but just to finally see how the story will end! It's great to know the Arbiter WILL be working beside the MC, but there is still distrust, as in the trailer MC runs up to the Arbiter and holds what appears to be a Magnum to his throat, but there is a short image of them standing together on a rocky cliff overlooking something.

the_round_peg5132d ago (Edited 5132d ago )

Can anyone verify that they are from actual gameplay?

Daewoodrow5132d ago

well, i'm not sure if it's gameplay or not, but bear in mind that the Beta is the unfinished version, and also the multiplayer is always lower graphical quality than the singleplayer to reduce lag.

Parlivus5132d ago

This is true in game, the Beta had most of the effects turned off (no HDR for example).

It looks pretty damn good I'd say.

SF49er4085132d ago

The brutes face is hilarious. its good. but scary funny. pics look great though. gonna be alot of fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.