Multiplayer Gaming No Contest : PC Pummels Console

Online multiplayer gaming was born on the PC - games like Quake and Duke Nukem 3D blew up and created a subculture that is still growing and evolving. PC gamers were years into their multiplayer careers before consoles woke up and started adding split screens.

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t8503111d ago

PC gaming always has been in a league of its own. I was playing Duke Nukem online with my friend back in 1995. Online gaming was one of the reasons i jumped ship to PC as my main gaming platform.

Jedward-3110d ago

Games like wow and rts ( 8 player c&c3) will never be touched but you cant disagree games like mag and resistance 2 are not great online for a console.

-Alpha3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Resistance 2 was mediocre in competitive play, but MAG is a fun game. Resistance lacked the structure that MAG capitalized on. The co-op was good though.

Games like Halo 3 are the pinnacle of console multiplayer since it does split screen, which is the only thing that PC gaming doesn't seem to do. Nothing more fun than playing with friends online. Other then that the PC community is a much stronger, and often more mature group of online players.

PC games are always going to be superior, especially for multiplayer.

Better controls, better graphics, more players usually, community content, free DLC, etc.

It's too bad games like MW2 try to change that.

Optical_Matrix3110d ago

Shame PC lacks the variety of console eh Alpha Male. PC gaming will not "always" be superior...controls are subjective, how can you say PC has definitive best controls. The way I see it, PC lacks 90% of the games I play, so IMO, PC gaming sucks. It's all subjective.

mastiffchild3110d ago

For me the days of playing comp multi player on PC are over and ironically, because of some of it's strengths that, sadly, leave me feeling gaming on line on console is just a fairer test of skill and a more level playing field.

Games like L4D that rely heavily on mods to keep the game fresh and in co-op are always best on PC(the 360 versions of L4d 1 and 2 are very poor value compared to the PC experience)for instance but the fact everyone has the same tech and same(mostly at least) controller on console just makes it feel fairer to me. The great choice and flexibility of PC shooters , for example, can leave some players with an advantage because of the console mods they mess with to paint out things and make opponents more visible etc or the guys you're up against might have a better, more effective gamning mouse/keyboard than you do and so on.

Also, I concede, this is only my opinion and what I like in multiplayer because I'd rather be sur I won or lost because of skill and not some other induced edge for them or myself-consoles just seem a fairer test to me these days.

Another thing that I find myself thinking about is the way k/m can sometimes be a little TOO good. It can be too quick to get things done which allied to the fact you're aiming on two separate planes can leave me feeling a little less immersed than I'd like. Yes, it's only my own current preference(and lord know I've enjoyed a ton of shooters on the PC over the years)but it does irk me when people make out there's onl one "right" or best way when a lot jst comes don to your own taste or the way things feel for you. There's no definitive platform for online gaming to me and people will continue to prefer one or the other for their own entirely valid reasons.

Natch, when it comes to RTS and MMO games we're yet to see consoles compete because a keyboard and/or mouse set up just offers a far better solution/choice right now but for shooters I don't see it as a blanket "PC is best" situation at all. You could totally disagree with how I feel about this-and totally support your view but, again, I think it's more a matter of preference these days and for me the leveller playing field has become more important than me shaving micro seconds off my aiming time by getting better, newer tech or controls.

vhero3109d ago

PC does pummel a console the problem with a PC is to keep up with a console that lasts 10 years (in Sonys case of course) you have to upgrade it at least every 3 years to keep up with latest games and its not cheap to do each time. Where as with your console you will usually replace it once in its 10 year lifespan (maybe twice if your unlucky or a lot more if you chose 360 early in its lifecycle). Consoles do have there plus sides but I have a mid level gaming PC (was mid/high end 2 years ago) and a PS3 so I can play every great game out there. Only 1 game I cannot play to be honest I liked on my 360 before they all died (3 of them!) was crackdown the rest of 360s library worth getting are not only available on PC but look better on my 2 year old mid range gaming PC.. (8800GT/Dual Core 2GHZ/4GB RAM)

kraze073109d ago

That's not entirely true. You don't have to upgrade every 3 years to keep playing the latest games on a PC. You'll just be playing them at lower settings which would still be on par with the console versions of the game seeing as how consoles aren't upgradeable (excluding hard drives).

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Senden3111d ago

PC doesn't pummel consoles when it comes to online gaming.. it knocks it down ripping out it's internal organs, kicks the dead corpse then takes a whizz on it just to add insult to injury.

Some console gamers just don't see just how great PC gamers have it for online gaming and there are so many communities for various different backgrounds and games.. it's an experience any serious gamer with cash should experience at some point in their peak of gaming interest.

solar3111d ago

the online PC MP experience is BY FAR the best online gaming experience. consoles will never touch it.

TheBand1t3110d ago

I miss mod support. And dedicated, community owned servers. And custom maps.

...I really need to get $$$ for a new rig. :/

vhero3109d ago

PS3 has the capability for mod support get UTIII and see what I mean.. It's devs who choose not to give games the support..

Dark_king3109d ago

it also supports pretty much all USB K/M just up to the devs to allow it like ingame music or the game invite system.