Interview: God of War III Director - has just posted an interview with the Game Director of God of War III, Stig Asmussen. They go in-depth with how the story is layed out and what all was involved with the creation of arguably the best PS3 title to date.

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Nick2120043502d ago

I feel Sony Santa Monica reinvented the word "epic" with the release of God of War III! Between the amazing visuals and amazing gameplay, this is a game every PS3 owner should remember!

Philaroni3502d ago

Ya GoW3 was a great game, can't wait to see what they do next.

killajd3502d ago

Is GOTY 2010 !!! It was truly a masterpiece. Only grips was it was too short and no push to go thru it again!

hoopera443501d ago

This game was good, till you get to the end where you are going through the tunnel. And when it gets there it sucks. The guy goes so fast and I dont see how they excpect people new to the gaming is going to get past that. I will not buy another game they make ever. It just sucks.... You pay that much for a game and you got to put up with that bull crap. I dont think so.... Enjoy cause i wont never buy another one you guys come out with again....

The Time Reaper3501d ago

It's called practice.

No offense to you, but I can't stand people whining because the ending isn't handed to them on a silver platter. The sequence isn't that hard, use the left and right sticks to dodge. Done.