MGS: Peace Walker's Paz Strips in CD Retail Release

GFB writes: "We all remember the fuss in March about the trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which featured the character Paz in her underwear while Snake and the troops worked out in the background. Most of us though nothing of it. But the case for the CD featuring that song making be going to far."

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GunShotEddy3104d ago

hawt bewbs - but seriously... they are marketing the H out of this game.

Ocelot5253104d ago

this is chris hansen, why don't you take a seat.

no seriously... this sh!t is forbidden in many countries, you can't even draw erotic stuff of girls under 18 so don't expect a worldwide release

ChrisW3104d ago

That this was available to be watched!

El_Colombiano3104d ago

How can anybody tell you that a drawing you made is underage? That's ridiculous.

Barbapapa3104d ago

the game is based on the 70s or 80s if i am not wrong so shes probably 50 by now D:

Sheikh Yerbouti3104d ago

as watching Bayonetta dance.

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3104d ago
Nebulas Zero3104d ago

Pretty tame, compared to other ecchi stuff in Japanese video games. She's real pretty but it remains to be seen if she can match up to Naomi Hunter, Meryl or Eva in terms of sex appeal.

Kurylo3d3104d ago

dude... shes like a 12 year old girl in that game. What are you thinking.

Ocelot5253104d ago

Take a seat. Right over there.

ThanatosDMC3104d ago

Am i the only one that thinks she looked kinda creepy when she was dancing? Reminded me of Chucky with that doll like face and the eyes not winking normally.

I cant wait for this game!! Paz is a rape victim, right according to the demo? Maybe the thing that was taken out was a portrayal of that event? Damnit, where's Eva?! The sexy younger one and not yucky Big Mama.

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jonlynch3104d ago

Wikipedia says she's studying in University. how old is the character that Kojima has showing off in her bra?

I ask that you say she's over 18 or I may have to sit down and have some cookies where Ocelot525 is pointing.

Liquid_Ocelot3104d ago

Who's that Chris Hansen guy? I hear stuff about him everytime something "forbidden" pops up.

Sorry I'm not from the States, even though I kind of am. But still, idk why I haven't googled that guy. Maybe deep inside I don't want to know lol.

Personally I don't care about these things. On the other hand, what I do care is that the American/European version of MGS: PW DOES include THAT scene that Kojima had to cut from the Japanese version. On that article that we had yesterday(?) it said that Kojima himself said that the American/European version will include the scene, I hope it's true. Can't wait... Damn, I don't think if I'll be able to get it day one:'( I still need to get me a PSP, and things aren't pretty out here.

PS: I want to see Revolver Ocelot in MGS: PW!!!!!!!!

Liquid_Ocelot3104d ago

F U © K

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