Review: Plants vs. Zombies

Gamer's Guide to, 17th April: "I wouldn't call myself a fan of casual games or casual gaming in general. It's one of the reasons that I traded in my DS for a PSP, and why the only living thing in my house that ever goes so far as touching the Nintendo Wii is my cat (he sits on it, I don't really know why). So when I was browsing the App Store on iTunes, looking for some time wasters for my holiday to Cyprus, I wasn't really anticipating finding anything that would last me longer than the plane journey. What a surprise it was to me, then, that a £1.79 Popcap game entitled 'Plants vs. Zombies' has threatened to destroy my chances of a nice tan. I may be a gamer but I'm allowed to want a tan, right?.

Thanks a lot Popcap, I'm going back to the UK even paler than before, and it's all thanks to your rather brilliant and insanely addictive game."

GGTL's Tom Acres takes an in-depth look at Popcap's iPhone OS game, Plants vs Zombies.

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