12 Months of Xbox Live for $29.99 at Dell

Original-Gamer: "Xbox Live can be a little pricey for some, but now you can get it for close to half the price at Dell. All the racism you can handle for a fraction of the regular price."

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-Alpha3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Not really. LIVE has a lot of good features, especially the smaller ones that you would otherwise take for granted. What I don't like is that regular price is overpriced and MS doesn't give you any free bonuses. Still, all the features that go into LIVE wouldn't have been possible without people contributing towards it. MS had done a huge number on the structure of online when they first made LIVE and now that LIVE for Xbox 1 is dead they can make even more features (universal clans, for example). I like LIVE, but admittedly, $65 is ridiculous. eBay has a lot of prices ranging in the $30-$40 scope so it's manageable.

EvilBlackCat3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

so what you mean is that you cant pay $2.50 every month?

YOU have to be way poor!

$2.50 OMG!

I pay 4.58 monthly for my xboxlive service.

But because is xbox live is rape right?

Tell that to every MMO gamer in the planet who pay monthly to play a single game every month and buy stupid stuff for their character WITH REAL MONEY.

mikeslemonade3196d ago

It is a rip. You know full well Microsoft doesn't need to charge that much and they're only doing it because we keep buying it. The profit margin must be tremendous it doesn't take that much to operate the online because we know PSN is operating just as well as XBL for free.

Now as far as buying xbl gold I would not buy 2 for $60 because for 2 years you don't know if Microsoft might change there terms of service. I've bought a one year card for $30 so keep waiting. You don't want to commit yourself to two years.

2Spock3195d ago

3 years and counting and still have yet to pay more than 30 bucks a year for it.

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Dan9173196d ago

It still says $44.99 for me.

Convas3196d ago

Your late Deiser. This deal is dead on gone.

Captain Tuttle3196d ago

You have to get up early if you want to beat the N4G trolls.

garos823196d ago

your avatar reminds me of cid from final fantasy 7. awesome

jib3196d ago

i got my 13month one from ebay for 25$. they have them there every now and then

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