Over 140,000 People purchase WOW goods on the first day.

A possible 140,000 people attempted to buy the $25 Celestial Steed mount and a $10 Lil' XT pet within the first 6 hours of them going on sale, which such a high volume the Blizzard store ended up putting purchasers in queues.

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ipwnall3503d ago

3.5 million dollars... Wow...

2Spock3503d ago

You think that is bad. I seen and idiot in home that bought the 15 dollar gold suit.

Danteh3503d ago

@ipwnall yep amazing. Blizzard has created THE virtual crack, 3,5 million dollars for a f!cking horse which costs them nothing to do it??

Wow is the new cancer, I know some of my friends who didn't get to university because of this f!king game, and even relationships which got destroyed

I'll only throw some advice here if anyone wants to hear it: quit Wow. It may not be easy depending on how involved you are, but play other games, find a sport you like... hell even use those 25 dollars to buy some beers or whatever

Panthers3503d ago

God. I love WoW, but this is insane. People seem to be so eager to throw money at Blizz. This mount was everywhere yesterday, and before you know it no one will be using it. Its a waste of money.

Solidus187-SCMilk3503d ago

Activision must LOVE this.

I hope they dont do this kinda stuff for diablo 3.

Chnswdchldrn3503d ago

I can definitely understand the willingness of WoW and future mmorpg players in the purchasing of these expensive ingame items because, well, this may be the only game that they invest any cash in due to its nature and so they don't really have an issue with dropping 25. Now if a 25 dollar skin pack of guns and characters were to pop up in MW2, hell to the [email protected] no that would never be a fair purchase for gamers(even tho some may still do it). u guys get what im sayin here?

zagibu3502d ago

The ultimate cash-cow: The Sims MMORPG. 5$ for a new lipstick color on your character. I can see it clearly before my eyes.

593503d ago

I am dead serious. I will never....Ever be friends or even talk to someone that plays WoW.

zagibu3502d ago

Will you also never talk to jews or blacks? Discriminating people because of a single attribute is never a good idea.

Shuklar3501d ago

@zagibu - that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. I choose not to talk to rapists and murderers. I think that's a great idea. You're trying to compare apples to scissors.

Race and whether someone plays a game are not comparable!

zagibu3501d ago

I don't think it's a great idea. If you decide based on single, binary attributes (rapist: yes/no), your decision is easy to manipulate. If I manage to denounce someone as rapist or murderer, you will never talk to him. If enough people think like you, it will become impossible to fight such denounciations.

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