Splinter Cell: Conviction - Dumbed Down?

Splinter Cell: Conviction has seen Ubisoft spin its flagship stealth series in a dramatic new direction.

The reinvention has seen Sam Fisher shift from an assassin-like agent who skulks in the shadows to a Jason Bourne character, who relies on speed and surprise as much as he does keeping out of sight

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chak_3109d ago

"we removed infiltration from this game to fit the mass market"

or did I dream that sentence? Anyway I'm sad to boycott it, I would have like to give it a try, played all SC.

Bha DRM increase sales right ubi?

avengers19783109d ago

The sales are actually really bad for SCC, so maybe staying true to the fans would have been a better choice then trying to make it more main stream.
I hate when games change to capture the people that didn't buy there game, oppossed to staying with the people that did buy the game.

t8503109d ago

I would have bought the game UBI. Alas your DRM will ensure i dont.

Gamer7l3109d ago

Take your bullshlt somewhere else....there haven't been any sales #s released, as it's only been out since TUESDAY.

Inside_out3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Was at Eb/gamestop in a big mall here...guy said the sales were very strong...bought my copy earlier in the week...great is like a big stealth action's only as hard as you make and gun, die alot...plan your attack, upgrade your gadgets/weapons and you will have a great time...played on realistic from the start...took a little over 8 hrs to complete...yes, I died alot...had alot of fun...The story, music and graphics work really well together...Co-op/multiplayer add days to this game....

@below...Agree...Iraq mission was easily one of the worst levels ever in GAMING in terms of graphics this't know what those guys were thinking...Wii quality...good concept, explaining Sams friendship with Victor Coste...Your actually playing as Victor Coste who saves Sam from those evildoers, BUT bad execution...Should of been at night with the moonlight and burning cars and garbage cans providing the light....luckily, that was the only blemish for me...

BTW...The ending was great...with Victor Coste ( no spoiler here kids )...LMAO...cheers

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lokin3109d ago

I am playing it now, and it does feel a little less Hard Core than previous SC games (Own and finished all of them), but it plays actually better in my opinion. It has a very cool stalking gameplay element, that fits in very well. The only stage I hated so far was the Iraq flashback mission...didnt fit into the splinter cell world. So far...not the best SC, (much better than Double Agent) but still one of the best games this year. Now I only need a new Thief game...

Darkfiber3109d ago

Uh, yeah. Pretty sure Ubisoft has been saying that for like, two years. They said they were dumbing it down because it was too hard and people got frustrated and stopped playing.

BrutallyBlunt3109d ago

It's obvious why games are easier now. With the Wii succeeding like it has, people being busier than ever, and high production costs mean they now must try to reach as many gamers as possible.

I myself won't actually finish a game now if it becomes too difficult. I don't want to keep playing the same portion over and over again to try and get past a difficult part. Call me a noob or whatever you want but if I die a half dozen times in one part of a game I lose interest (kind of like playing Mega Man).

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