Exclusive Halo: Reach Multiplayer Footage

Here's the new exclusive footage of Halo: Reach from GameTrailer TV. Geoff Keighley goes inside Bungie to bring us the latest details on the multiplayer beta and the first look at the Invasion mode and a new map.

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Natsu X FairyTail3501d ago

halo reach ftw! definitive halo game.

Traveler3501d ago

Halo Reach is looking fantastic.

N4PS3G3501d ago

The GTTV player is not very good so if anyone wants to see a higher quality video with a crisp image, more details and less compression you can download the footage here.

Link is at the bottom and the file is 416MB but it's worth it.

Daz3501d ago

kicks him up the arse after his killed him lol.

dangert123501d ago

but as far as campaign goes lets hope they can improve how they tell the stoy cause halo 3 and odst were boring =/ lol

xXRight3yeXx3501d ago

Amazing. I expect nothing less from Bungie n co.

Bnet3433501d ago

Yeah man ... I mean ... this game is going to be very fun. The new modes so fun to play, I really can't wait. Bungie really are great, I wish them the best and I hope they collect a lot of info from the beta so we can have another polished game.

3501d ago
Richard Alpert3501d ago

Thats why you only have 2 bubbles.

JokesOnYou3500d ago

Looks like Bungie is raising the bar with Reach, not only bringing back the best multiplayer experience and features that made Halo3 a legendary success that a few other much hyped contenders to the thrown never came close to matching but its evident from the vids Bungie has also drastically improved the game engine, graphics, and of course in Bungies ever masterful approach of listening to the community, they have found a way to give us more REAL game defining features in Halo Reach than you will find in 2 or 3 other forgotten competitors combined.


Inside_out3500d ago

Wow, looks great....thought Halo 3 was awesome as well...The singularity game looks amazing...It was suppose to release last yr...unreal engine looks great in many great games this yr....E3 so far away....

rexus123453500d ago

great way to sell ODST...... evil MS

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Hank Hill3501d ago

Can't say Halo looks bad this time. Color me impressed.

X_GAMER_X3501d ago

Am really impressed.This plays pretty good and looks good too.

Way to go Bungie. My favorite Game.. HALO

aviator1893501d ago

The visuals look pretty and the modes look delicious. Only 16 days of waiting left. By the way, what was that elite doing plunging a sword into a dead guy?

X_GAMER_X3501d ago

Yeah, It was cool. I think its how you assassinate while playing the Elite. I can see invasion becoming the main Mode. If not the best mode ever :)