The Could and Should Have Been Sequels

Msxbox-World takes a look at some of the Xbox games of times past which should have had a sequel by now but haven't.

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BlackIceJoe3500d ago

This is a nice list. I so want to see a new Knights of the Old Republic.
I can't think why a new one has not came out yet. The Old Republic does not interest me as say a new Knights of the Old Republic game would.

I so wish that Eidos/Square-Enix would make a new Freedom Fighters. The first game was pretty cool and I could see the sequel being great.

Kameo I could see being a great series if MS were to really push the game. The first had some great ideas. That I could see being really nice in the sequel.

As for Second Sight I never played the first. If a sequel comes out I would give it a try.