Crysis 2: Huge Killzone 2 Comparison Shots

Videogameszone published some impressive comparison screenshots of Crysis 2 and Killzone 2. In the first comparison shot is one brand new in-game screenshot of Cryteks upcoming Shooter.

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Natsu X FairyTail4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Shots arent in full HD and which version of Crysis2 is being used for the comparison?

in the 1st comparison shot I gave the edge to Crysis2 but when I checked this one I had to scream " WTF with all the jaggies, Squared , Low Res Ground Textures on the Crysis2 shot?"


so yeah KZ2 looks better. but then Again I dunno wich version of the game is being used.

evrfighter4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

you really don't have an eye for this sort of thing do you...

pc version of C2 wouldn't be blatantly full of jaggies like the kz2 shot.

It's definitely on one of the consoles. They also say the consoles are nearly identical to each other. It's safe to say the jaggies will be present on both systems.

In my opinion

Both look like crap. Bad Company 2 on my pc looks better than those horrible screenshots.

comparing one my old crysis screenshots with crysis 2 is a dead giveaway thats it's console based

Not enough. I play my consoles on gaming monitors where as you know they show their full potential at their native resolution. When you start having to upscale on monitors you can see every flaw.. jaggie,low-res texture,blurriness to the max. HDTV's tend to be more forgiving.

KZ2 is plagued with these problems. Here's a comparison I did with my camera between 360 and pc versions of MW2 to see what I mean

Natsu X FairyTail4676d ago

that why I said " but then Again I dunno wich version of the game is being used."

KZ2 shots barely had any jaggies by the way compared to the C2 pics.

nemey4676d ago

and the winner is KILLZONE 2

Crysis 2 got KILLZOWNED

raztad4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )


Your hatred is making you to mix the shoots up. Crysis 2 screens are the one with jaggies. You can call KZ2 blurred but game got a decent quincux applied and it's fairly jaggy-less.


I see but dont forget KZ2 is "only" 720p (come on COD is 600p), what is the res of your monitor? They got to look blurred as hell and jaggies magnified.

@evrfigh bellow

Good you cleared it up. Sometimes it looked like it. It's true there are some annoying guys around but I come here for the LOLs so I dont care.

BTW, why I'm getting disagrees?


I do think the PS3 is capable of more. GoW3 upped the graphical bar and showed that more can be achieved.

champ214676d ago

Crysis 2 on console is a huge step back from Crysis 1 on PC.

And yea BC2 on PC looks better then both of those shots.

To those waiting on Killzone 3 or Uncharted 3, i dont expect the differences to be huge. K2 and Uncharted 2 already made very good use of the PS3 hardware. Let the games come out but i dont expect much more then this.

Noctis Aftermath4676d ago

Why the need to compare to PC? we all know PC has the superior hardware, so stop bringing it up, it's a debate between console versions FFS.

evrfighter4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

I also don't hate any particular console. I dislike the clueless 360 gamers because they fueled the DLC trend we see today. I dislike the ps3 fanboy because there is no reasoning with them. You'd get further discussing/debating gaming with a brick wall (they also have a lot in common with the apple zealot I probably am harder on ps3 fanboys because of this).

OP wasn't sure which platform was being used to compare with KZ2. I used an example to show it wasn't the pc version.
Though I get the feeling any pc screenshots would send you into nerdrage.

Those screenshots of MW2 and Crysis were at 1080p which is my native res on this monitor. Ya KZ2 obviously doesn't look as horrible as MW2 does because it's 720p (pc monitors seriously are not forgiving if you don't use native res) but the jaggies are "noticeable". They don't stick out like a sore thumb but they are kinda disappointing.

Akagi4676d ago

Go away, Natsu. Seriously.

champ214676d ago


Gow 3 has a fixed viewing angle, hence that is easy on the system.

However even in Gow3, the main character is the only thing that is using good looking textures, everything else looks blurry.

I think UC2 and K2 pushed the PS3 very well and had the PS3 more powerleft they would have surely bumped the ress upto 1080p which didnt happen.

Its not hard upressing a game if the system has more resources left over and i am sure sony would have wanted that as a marketing point if 1080p could have been acheived.

raztad4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )


"However even in Gow3, the main character is the only thing that is using good looking textures"

You got to be playing GoW Collection man.

I'm sure as hell GoW3 is extremely sharp, and behaves like a fractal, ie sharp when the scale is titanic and sharp when up close.

"Gow 3 has a fixed viewing angle, hence that is easy on the system."

That excuse has to stop. GoW3 camera is fixed by design not because of limitations of the engine.

BTW, I dont feel like arguing about this for long. It looks like you already made your mind, and being a PS3 owner I got all the games you mentioned and I drew my conclusions already. Lets move on.

Icyhot4676d ago

I am tired of you goons who know sh!t about the development of the game. GOW3 has a fixed camera YES, but it wasn't a technical limitation, it was a DESIGN CHOICE. In fact in GOW3 there are places where you can control the camera and you can see around.

Just see the developers diary and in that look into where they discuss the camera... They clearly mention that the level guys actually give them fully loaded levels and then they create many camera modes of different angles and select the best out of it... You see, if the guys gave full control of the camera, the game would work, but they wanted to create a cinematic game and that is better achieved if the camera is locked and you see what the developer wants you to see.

GOW3 technically pushes the PS3 further than UC2 or KZ2 mainly cause it runs at 60FPS and looks better than UC2 at many parts... Stop downplaying something and give credit where it's due.

"However even in Gow3, the main character is the only thing that is using good looking textures, everything else looks blurry."

I would have thought you were genuinely debating, but I guess I am talking to a wooden plank... Blurry.. Seriously!!! What you game on a SDTV?

Noctis Aftermath4676d ago

@evrfighter: i was refering to when you said "Both look like crap. Bad Company 2 on my pc looks better than those horrible screenshots."

I mean seriously, why not just tell people that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Also i used to game on PC so PC having better graphics then consoles doesn't phase me the slightest bit, but here's a pat on the back for jumping to conclusions based on your assumptions.


Perhaps next time you can give a response that doesn't include your elitist attitude.

meetajhu4676d ago

Killzone 2 still demolishes every game which is going to release. I just wish a teaser for Killzone 3. Graphics,Sound,Music,Animation ,A.I,Gameplay,Atmosphere is top noch in Killzone 2. Nothing beats it

evrfighter4676d ago

lol really Noctis?

that's the best thing you could come up with to try and save face? one sentence?

the ONLY sentence where I just so happened to say "In my Opinion" directly above it and then dropped the topic immediately.

You seriously don't know know what L2R means do you? lol

JonnyBadfinger4676d ago

Killzone 2 has better looking gun
Crysis 2 has better looking environment

but we'll see when the game ships though wont we

vhero4676d ago

People gotta ignore these kinda comparisons until around crysis 2 launch..

nveenio4676d ago

I thought that Crysis 2 had the edge in the first shot, but that was just because of the character model. It was so perfect that I have to wonder if that photo was retouched, because EVERY shot after was dominated by Killzone 2. It wasn't even a match.

Poor Crytek. I would feel bad for them if they haven't gone all nuts with the PR lately.

PoSTedUP4676d ago

all iknow is KZ2 looks sick on my bravia and no matter how good crysis looks i still dont like the game at all, not badass enought for me. and i didnt look at these screens btw, just browsed through the comments seeing so many people waste their time on debating this lol.

Swiftfox4676d ago

I'm not sure what they are comparing considering they don't have many in-game shots of Crysis 2 or even a video of Crysis 2 in action on the consoles.

Even if we did don't you think that the question of gameplay should take a front seat to the question of graphics regardless of comparison? If Crysis 2 is played anything like the first one then the game will be doomed to store shelves and only bought by the PC crowd to say the have the "superior version", although I'm not quite sure what PC enthusiasts are on about with that argument.

Instead of constant reports and comparisons about graphics I would love to hear if they fixed the A.I, the balance in gameplay, or have a more interesting story.

moomooakai4676d ago

Hey, evrfighter, you sound mad there. :)

Valkyre4675d ago

... is just butthurt Splinter Cell Conviction is not as AAA as he "self Confirmed" a few days ago!

Dont mind him... he is butthurt and very very amusing/funny etc etc :P

Natsu I'm with you man all the way!!!

2Spock4675d ago

Why does people even waste time doing this. The PC version of crysis 2 " on the proper system" would crush anything a console could do, heck the first crysis would. And people and there GOW3 bandwagon of how graphically it is the best. And actually i am not that impressed by the fixed camera angle soft graphics and the constant changing of resolutions and frame drops of GOW3. I think clearly UC2 is on another level than what GOW3 is on. IMO there is nothing on consoles that touch UC2 as far as full package of what the engine is capable of.

Dee_914675d ago

yea crysis dude put his foot in his mouth
kz2 looks better on the consoles version
if kz2 was on pc itl look better too lol

Darkstorn4675d ago

Why again are we comparing these two? Crysis 2 is still over a year away from being finished.

BannedForNineYears4675d ago

God, it's just that Killzone 2's graphics are sooo tight! There's just something about it. O.o

ChrisW4675d ago

Currently, the minimum PC requirements for Crysis 2 MIGHT be an 8800GTS...

While this is no indication as to which will actually look better, Crysis 2 vs Killzone 2. Crysis 2 will be using lower system requirements than Crysis 1, yet somehow will have better graphics overall. IMO, this means CryEngine3 will rely on multi-core CPUs for a more detailed environment.

BTW, PS3's RSX is said to be similar to a 7800GTX on 90nm.

DarkMantrid4675d ago

Can't decide which one i think looks better. Maybe after ive seen some more in-game footage of C2.

Both look really great.

MNicholas4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

Looking forward to hearing, precisely, what is so impressive about these shots.

Corrected links (from me previous post):



As I said earlier ... Ouch!

DERKADER4675d ago

I didn't know Crysis 2 was out already, wait it's not.
Comparison Fail.

8thnightvolley4675d ago

we cant compare them just yet till crysis2 is out coz by any standard kz2 looks better .. fact!.. lets just ignore all this till its out then we can truely say

AEtherbane4675d ago

I like how Killzone is being displayed in HD and crysis's screens are in SD...

Moo7a-Seven4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

thanks sony

nycredude4675d ago


Since we are all being honest about what we dislike and like. I'd like to just state that I dislike KIA (know it all) types like you who think your words are somehow like gospel here. I also dislike PC gamers who cry and moan about consoles dumbing games down for them, meanwhile pirate everything and don't pay for anything.

We all know the pc is powerful, get over it. Who the fvck cares!? I spend all day at work in front of a pc I don't want to come home and game on one. Killzone 2 can hang with most of PC games with the effects going on. THe only thing that it can't hang with on pc is resolution. That being said I believe Killzone 2 will still look better than Crysis 2 (console) when all is said and done.

HolyOrangeCows4675d ago

You don't need a few more pixels to tell that the textures on the console version of Crysis 2 SUCK and that it is jaggy as a JIGSAW.


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Hank Hill4676d ago

Well, in the words of the great Ric Flair: To be the man, you gotta beat the man.

THC CELL4676d ago

hm sony should make a deal with them to port crysis 1 and 2
onto 1 blu ray disk

THC CELL4676d ago

i think killzone looks better

Crysis looks very good on ps3 and pc xbox is gunna pull a ff13 (looks shocking)

Now wait for killzone 3 better yet uncharted 3
E3 is very soon and all i can say is get a paper bag u will have to hyper ventilate before sony have done with there press

Kazu0 Hirai4675d ago

I think its hilarious fanboys think greyzone 2 looks so good. No color, horrible low res textures, cheap visual effects that fool retarded fanboys into thinking the graphics are good. The reason it is being compared to crysis 2 is because it is a console FPS, not because of amazing graphics. The level of detail in crysis 2 is 10 times more than that of greyzone, and it actually has some color. Besides, the first Crysis absolutely raped greyzone 2 in graphics, Crysis 2 on the PC and Xbox 360 will look even better.

infekt4675d ago

Be realistic. PC might be better... but xb360? Commme on! Thats just the uber fanboy in you talking.

Obama4675d ago

"Crysis 2 on the PC and Xbox 360 will look even better"

Crysis devs claimed that ps3 version of crysis 2 looks better than the 360 version. Pretty sad that bots gotta make up stuff all the time.

ChrisW4675d ago

Crysis 2 has trees! WOOT!

Kazu0 Hirai4675d ago

LOL Alan Wake already looks better than anything on the BS3, i have no doubt that Crysis 2 will be far better on the 360 than PooS3.

rezzah4675d ago

You officially claimed yourself as a total jackass for saying AW is th best looking thing out there, Goes to show you dont understand anything about the allusion of AW. Im not gona say what it is hopefully you are smart enough to figure it out.

Kazu0 Hirai4675d ago

I never said AW is the best looking game out there, I just said it is better looking than any game on the FlopStation 3. Crysis is the best looking game.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

They are comparing the best graphics in the generation. PC and PS3

Why they not comparing Games from Xbox 360?

Well, PS3 Owners are lucky, since Crytek confirmed PS3 will perform better Crysis 2 than Xbox. As they confirmed PC is better than Consoles Version.

Looks like PC and PS3 Owners are the winners here.

The_Beast4675d ago

why do u guys keep talking about the flash light game. killzone 2 and uncharted 2, heavy rain look better then that... piece of sht. GTFO bot

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A change in the wind4676d ago

I love how Killzone 2 is still a benchmark. Over a year old, and it has all sorts of fanboys jealous. The 360 fanboys hate that their pathetic console can`t even compare, and the PC fanboys hate that their games are being compared to a puny little $300 4 year old machine. Man, I love it.

Duxer4675d ago

3 year old in EU. 3 and a half old in US. Not 4.

PS3 Supremacy4675d ago

Yes 4.

August 2005 North America release date, December 2005 in it's 2010. Do the math.

Dr_Nefarious4675d ago

Sad KZ2 is being used as a bench mark when there are a few better looking exlusives out there. Funny how bots havve to use KZ2 as a bench mark. Shows how aged and crappy the 360 is. I bet those shots we seen of crysis 2 is from the xbox version. I can see turning my head in that game with all those jaggies. Powerlines, trees, and edges in general just shimmering with a little head movement. LOL, damn out dated console.

blueraven4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

PS3 launched in Japan Nov 11th 2006....How can it be released in 2005 in US and EU?
EDIT :North America on November 17th 2006,EU March 23rd 2007...

stonecold14675d ago

flopped big time in japan europe australia newzealand at least killzone 2 has better graphics than the flop box is dishing out

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