Why We Shouldn't Flame Roger Ebert

O.G. writes "Film critic Roger Ebert recently updated his blog to state again that video games are not art. Not only that, he's gone on to say that video games can never be art. Yes video game fans everywhere will begin their onslaught of epic proportions to flame his opinions, but really, do we need to do that?"

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Ugly Bob4547d ago

Hate to sound like a broken record, but Ebert doesn't get video games.

qface644547d ago

Daaang a counter article already
that was fast

-Alpha4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Nothing wrong with it IMO. He doesn't have to embrace gaming, but I doubt he's experienced it to judge properly.

Here is what I said in the other article:

The way thoughts, beliefs, ideas, philosophy, emotion, story, and fun depicted through a game is, by the very definition, a means of artistic communication.

Art: the products of human creativity.

Gaming is art, or at the very least, a form of entertainment. The scope is huge and not all games are art, but some are. Truthfully I don't care to prove it to Ebert, he's entitled to his cultural perceptions but I think he's too old to understand.

His time has come and gone but this generation of people embrace video games.

Millah4547d ago

Sure people can have their opinions, but when their opinions are downright ignorant they should be told lol.

What a fool though. First of all, much of the process in the creation of video games involves art. Art design and designing all the characters, environments, and all other visual aspects of the game is not art? Thats why very talented artists are paid lots of money to do those things. So to say that video games are not art, based on just that fact alone, is quite arrogant.

People who pass off their opinions as factual on topics that they know very little about or have limited experience with is something that really gets under my skin and bugs the hell out of me. But, people are self absorbed like that and tend to think their ideas are true for the rest of the world. Then again, he does have a career based on stating his opinion in stuff. Oh well, he can go eat a dlck.

Skizelli4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Art is a form of expression. If video games are not art based on the argument that it requires a group of people to create it, then neither is motion picture, as it shares much of the same process.

One thing is for certain: Like art, videos games and movies have the ability to touch one's soul.

Chris_TC4547d ago

@ 1.3
<<Oh well, he can go eat a dlck.>>

Only on N4G could a childish and rude poster like you receive this many bubbles. Did Mr. Ebert personally insult you?

AnttiApina4547d ago

At least Mr.Ebert knows "a bit" more about art than the users of N4G.

Tony P4546d ago

One reason you should: Ebert doesn't have the game knowledge. He's got the art. Masterfully. Doesn't help much if you don't know games well enough though.

It's also interesting that whenever this argument comes up I always hear about MGS or Braid or Flower and nothing much about Tales of Tales which have actually had their work exhibited as an art piece.

ThanatosDMC4546d ago (Edited 4546d ago )

Cant teach old dogs new tricks. Somebody give me a shotty for old yeller here.

It's still beyond me why everytime i go to a museum and i see some paint which looks like it was just thrown at the portrait is considered art. I always think to myself, "WTF is this sh*t?!"

Anyone seen those random doodles of a so-called famous artist or their macaroni throw up on a portait? Those things costs hundreds of thousands... beyond me.

Millah4546d ago

Wow, it was a joke buddy. Way to go taking things way too seriously. You're gonna make assumptions about how i regularly post, just because I made a single joke in a single comment? I think you should reevaluate who the childish one is.

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ClownBelt4547d ago

I think his head is square...

Obama4547d ago

Roger Elbert is Sponge-Bob?

GamingBuddha094547d ago

imo the definition of art changes from generation to generation and ebert definition is one of from the last generation as we move forward with technology. i think games can been see as art in two ways, one as a whole the other as a process such as the concept drawings story boarding and music.

N4PS3G4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

I have nothing buy praise for Ebert because he's an excellent movie critic and even if don't agree with him on this one...i respect his opinion and it really doesn't bother me. He's a strong guy cus even after loosing the lower part of his mouth and the jaw he still does his job without complaining and loves it. People should not flame him or take it personal.

Chris_TC4547d ago

I don't agree with him about video games not being art. But he's certainly entitled to his opinion. I've been reading his movie reviews for a very long time and will continue to do so because they are among the best you can find.

Tony-A4547d ago

Whoa, that was fast....

Anyways, I haven't seen any flaming on him as opposed to someone like, say, Jack "video games are evil" Thompson.

Let's agree to disagree. He has his own vision and in that vision, games don't have that appeal.

You're missing out, dude.

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