Yahoo: Modnation Racers Preview


LittleBigPlanet meets Mario Kart. PlayStation 3 and PSP will soon have a cutesy racing game served Sony style, betting the farm on community support.

The thing about Mario Kart is that it's simple. When Nintendo tried to be too clever about it, on GameCube featuring two-person vehicles, we just sighed and stared at our shoes. Give us an easy choice between handling types and cute characters, some fantastical circuits to figure out, and we're away. That's all we need. We're not looking to make a profession out of this, we just want fun to pick up and play.

ModNation Racers, due end of May, is Sony's smarter-than-though response to the unstoppable success of Mario Kart on Nintendo consoles. Sony's go-kart game will be released for PS3 and PSP as the stylish alternative to Mario Kart on Wii and DS. In addition to racing, you'll have a wide range of customisation options; freedom to build and personalise vehicles, drivers, and circuits, then share it all online.

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