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"In recent years Square Enix has demonstrated that they are not afraid of greatly altering Final Fantasy, even if the die-hard fans of the franchise don't like it. Whether it's making a direct sequel to an existing Final Fantasy game, an MMO, or whatever you want to call Final Fantasy XII, the company has to be given some credit for mixing things up every time, in a noble attempt to keep the franchise from falling into stagnation. Final Fantasy XIII is perhaps the most radical departure yet – building on many mechanics introduced in Final Fantasy X and borrowing trends from other popular games in its genre, XIII is a tightly scripted RPG with a vast array of character customization, impossibly beautiful visuals, and a fast-paced, challenging battle system. Yes, it's very linear and holds your hand for way too long, but sticking with the game rewards players with some of the best combat the series has ever seen, despite the head-scratching design choices that litter the forty-hour adventure. The wait was long, but the result is another excellent entry into a series that rarely delivers a bad game."

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