Confessions Of A Recovering World Of Warcract A-Holic

Meodia writes: "I started World of Warcraft on the first of November in 2004 during Open Beta. I remember that Monday because as soon as I got home from work, I fired up my new computer and logged into the game. At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In fact, I only played the game for an hour that night. I created a gnome warlock and hit level four. "Wow!" I thought, "This is easy!" Maybe that's why I decided to try it again the next night..."

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Xwow20083158d ago

back to the real life ^^

Montrealien3158d ago

life is what you make of it.

This is a great article and I am happy he specifies that it was him, not the game. Many people can play wow and have a full and healthy life, outside the game. This is just how it is.

champ213158d ago

Wow is a great game, it can get addictive people just need to control their gaming habits.

Its great that the guy pulled himself out of it though and is back with his family.

presto7173158d ago

When I look back on all the things I've passed up just to play games, I ask myself if it was worth it. The answer is always yes. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me one day.

Red Panda3158d ago

WOW puts me to sleep. BORING AS HELL!

darkmurder3157d ago

While this is sad in a way I find there's still more tragic stories. I find him the equivalent of a rehabilitated drug user who still goes for the occasional joint, just defeats the purpose.

Danteh3157d ago

lol yeah I just posted a comment in another news about the celestial steed saying that wow is the new cancer and all I got was disagrees :P

So to the people playing wow who are in denial, read this guys confessions and, again, quit WoW ^^

Alvadr3157d ago

Great article!

I can understand how addictive that game can be, I played it for a year and its not easy to put down. Good luck to him

evrfighter3157d ago

a rare wow addict story with a good ending. For those of you who devote their lives to WoW. The ending is usually with the Wife leaving and taking the child.

I have a friend who taught me how to play fps games competitively who spent at least 2 hours a day since 2002 till about 6 months ago playing cs (not joking).

We decided we were gonna get into bc2 and go competitive. He picked up WoW because we had a few months before release and he was gonna kill time with it. I have a pretty hardcore pc a 360 and a ps3 so I wasn't worried about killing time. We had BC2 pre-ordered on steam and he even upgraded to a quad core for it.

He has 0 hours on steam in the last 2 weeks and to this day we havn't played a round of BC2 together. He asked me to help him quit WoW and so being a former MMO junky myself I did the best I could. He had canceled his subscription but I found out he had reactivated it during the last week it was going to end.

The ending to this story has yet to be written.

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Ocelot5253158d ago

he started playing guild wars instead

tdrules3158d ago

Glad I never got into it.
really glad.

Darkfiber3158d ago

Good article, I've been through that as well. I don't think it'll reach many people though, most WoW addicts don't want to admit that they have a problem.

hayzer3158d ago

Your avatar is so Crab Fcking Core

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The story is too old to be commented.