StarCraft II Hit With Adults Only Rating in Korea

Kotaku: "The game of StarCraft is kind of a big deal in Korea, the country in which Blizzard opted to announce the highly anticipated StarCraft II in May of 2007. Shame, then, that the PC game has been rated adults only."

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Darkstorn3107d ago

The headline isn't entirely correct. It was rated '15-and-up,' which apparently is South Korea's most 'adult' rating.

Darkfocus3107d ago

15 and up is Korea's adult only rating though so how is it incorrect?
Anyway it won't make much of a difference because StarCraft 1 was also rated M when it released

Noctis Aftermath3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Let's see, maybe it's because 15, 16 and 17 year olds are not adults?
Just because it's the highest rating available doesn't mean it's an adults only rating, if their highest rating was for 10+ would you still call it an adults only rating?

When i think of adults only rating i think 18+ and i'm sure most people think the same, so yes the title is misleading.

ppazuzu3107d ago

The Korea Times article says "The Games Rating Board's decision to designate StarCraft II for gamers 18 years and older..." - it was previous beta/test versions which got the 15+ rating.

According to the news source, anyway.

hikayu173107d ago

to be honest , rating only affect a small portion of people . i see 12 , 13 years old on tons of mature games ( and they annoy the EFF out of me ) . so unless something new come along , i could very well careless .

AEtherbane3107d ago

Adults only in korea is the same as a "T" Rating, or a PEGI 15+...

Urmomlol3107d ago

Usually Asians aren't that sensitive about game ratings. Kinda odd that Korea would be cracking down on it.

sequeltosql3107d ago

Starcraft is a huge game over there. and when I mean huge, its HUGE. People die on that country because of that game. I remember bizarre news from over there,(google it, I'm lazy, XP ). I think Korea is just taking preventive measures so that playing a game will be safe for everyone
(if I don't make sense please ignore me)

Cheeseknight283107d ago

Sorry buddy. I may hate Activision but Blizzard is my favorite developer out there.

I know it's the cool thing to slam Activision these days, but Blizzard shouldn't be roped into the crap too.