Get Organized In Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online isn't for everyone, but it's not trying to be. There are elements it has and others it omits that wouldn't fit in any other game. But the lack of a decent guild system has still been a keenly felt omission from this hybrid brawler-MMORPG.

So it's good news for players that a new event is taking place in-game right now before the game launches its guild system on April 28th. While the system isn't in place yet, there's unsurprisingly an official guild recruitment page to help players organize themselves early.

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I tried this out a few months ago, I like the old school beat-em-ups so I thought I'd give it a go. I found the controls a bit awkward but the visuals were nice. It seemed really fun, the controls were my only gripe really.. Well, that and the lack of customization options but that's not really a concern when you have fun gameplay.

Not sure if you can use a controller for this, but I think a controller would make this game wayyy more enjoyable to play.