The Fight: Lights Out promises 60fps fighting on the Move

Looks like the unnamed "Motion Fighter" for PlayStation Move now has a title. As revealed by the PlayStation.Blog, the game is now known as The Fight: Lights Out. For the uninitiated, The Fight is the Move's take on Punch-Out!, using the camera and two Move controllers to recreate your motions in a one-on-one setting.

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whateva3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

especially with the stories of devs having a hard time getting Natal Games to run even up to 30 FPS.

when you're playing motion controlled games you need that 60 FPS for Smooth movements.

I hope MS up the specs on Natal because 30 FPS isn't too good when you're trying to control a fast moving game and want everything to be smooth.

I can't wait for some Boxing Games for the Move!

El_Colombiano3104d ago

Oh come now, I expect the people over at Microsoft to at least have the technical understanding to know that 60fps is almost necessary for motion tracking. I really doubt they would be foolish enough to release their major Natal games at a mere 30fps.

Sunny_D3104d ago

Careful guys, you're expecting too much. It might turn out that not all games for the move will run at 60 fps. Then you will be eating your words by the fanboys.

El_Colombiano3104d ago

I'm not saying that all games need to be 60fps, but man it sure will help accuracy.

Bigpappy3104d ago

Where did you read "especially with the stories of devs having a hard time getting Natal Games to run even up to 30 FPS."
You can't just make shyt up man. You can be negative but bring facts or just put a zip on it.

young juice3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

hes talking about this article

EDIT:try these...

i think i read one article that states the 30 fps is a dev choice

whateva3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

even if the game runs & below 60 FPS with the PS-EYE & Move you have enough data for smooth controls

but if a Natal game tries to run @ 60 FPS it's going to be missing some input from the camera for making up your movements because it's only reading the inputs at 30 FPS so it wont control as smoothly.

@ Bigpappy like I said I read about it. and they say MS is working on sending the Devs better tools to make games.

Edit @ young juice no not that one it's coming from a few places even Edge

you have to love the head tracking in a Fighting game

Fight Night Round 5 better use the PS-Move and Natal!

El_Colombiano3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The PS Eye captures video at 60fps at 640x480 and captures video at 120fps at 320x240.

Bigpappy3104d ago

Your link is to something that clearly says RUMOR, and what is even worst is that there is nothing in the rumor about Dev's not able to get natal game to 30FPS. You should have at least read the article before you try and support a negative false comment only because it is against Natal. You guy at like you are in some sort of religious cult or something.

DelbertGrady3104d ago

I thought this article was about a game for the Move but you guys seem more interested in Natal.

MNicholas3103d ago

is the move motion capture fast enough to provide 60fps input?

Comes down to camera/processing latency and video frame buffers (such as double or triple buffering schemes).

Theoretically, Move could be pretty fast but, as the image on the lens goes through various buses, caches and processors on it's way to becoming input data, there are lots of potential speedbumps.

Anyone have a link to a recent demo?

El_Colombiano3103d ago

Yes Soda, we are interested in Natal and why it can't keep up with a camera that came out so many years ago.

whateva3103d ago

& 60 FPS @ 640 X 480

what you posted is what worries me about Natal because it only tracks at 30 FPS 640 X 480............ a 60 FPS game with Natal might get kinda chunky for the controls

here is a Video of the New Natal demo looks good but will it be good in fast moving games?

Ju3103d ago

Speed. Well, the raw image data are delivered at 120Hz if need to be. Not sure if they will be any useful. But if they are, it should be give you a low latency for 60Hz input recognition. Not so sure with a 60Hz input (which means, you have to be 100% accurate for every frame if you want 1:1 response). Usually double the scan rate for accurate recognition is the rule (no ?).

whateva3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

320 X 240 mode so everything can be smoother in 60 FPS games.

MS really need to change the camera for Natal up to 60 FPS to make the best of it as a controller. because 30 FPS input for a 60 FPS game is just not going to work out too well and even in a 30 FPS game I don't think it's going to be as smooth as it should be.

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Serjikal_Strike3105d ago

not a guarantee....big difference

blusoops3105d ago

you didn't read the article lol.....

"The Fight undoubtedly looks better than a Wii game (as it should), but we're most excited to hear that it runs at 60fps."

This implies it already runs at 60fps.

Can't wait for E3!!

Droid Smasha3104d ago

the fight LAG OUT

where puches show on the screen 20 secs after you throw them

El_Colombiano3104d ago

No no, read the article. This is Playstation Move, not Natal silly!

infamousinfolite3104d ago

LOL Good one, wait don't you mean Lagtal! LOL

djtek1843104d ago

@El_Colombiano bubbles that LoL!

MajestieBeast3104d ago

I just saw the new dev diary about this game it looks pretty good for a game thats only 20% finished and you actually box.

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