Leaked EA Sports MMA trailer showcases "King Mo" vs Mousasi

Ex: "Though not officially released by Electronic Arts, a brand new trailer for the company's upcoming Mixed Martial Arts video game, EA Sports MMA, has been leaked on the Internet. The official homepage for EA Sports MMA says the trailer will be made available to the public tomorrow night at 9:45 PM EST--roughly the same time when Strikeforce: Nashville begins broadcasting live on CBS."

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tehk1w13158d ago

Mousasi is gonna whoop that tomorrow.

Trailer looks kinda meh though. Last one looked 100% better.

MMFGaming3158d ago

I have money on Aoki, Henderson, Miller and Mousasi for tomorrow night.

Urmomlol3158d ago

Meledenz is going to mess up your bet. He's gonna beat Aoki, guaranteed.

cheeto1013158d ago

Last trailer looked better because it showed 1-3 second of gameplay at a time from cinematic camera angles. All of these anims look solid on their own, but chain them together and add a moving/elusive target and things start to fall apart.

UFC might still look a little stiff, but their new anims look better then this and they have that one year advantage that they appeared to have used to polish their game up and improve on their mistakes. I hope this game does well, because 2 MMA games is better then one, but I think the UFC game will probably end up being superior to this one.

Bigpappy3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

I know EA has the boxing part down. How will they handle the grappling? Thats the question. I think THQ is going to have to really work hard to keep EA from taking over. Great for gamers. Now if NFL could only open up the NFL license so 2K can do the same to EA once again, life in the gaming world would be sweeter and more fair.

BenWade3158d ago

EA is gonna blow compared to UFC. Primarily because UFC > Strikeforce

krisq3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

And after seeing UFC 2010 walkthroughs from GT, it's a much safer bet. They've corrected plenty of things from 2009 and added a ton of new ones.

Spiderman3158d ago

The first ufc game was dreadful imo. It was fun for about 2 hours and after that it was so repetitive.

If EA can somehow nail an MMA game like they have done with Fight Night, then it will be a far better game than UFC Undisputed.

The UFC game just feels like a WWE game. It was fun, but this looks incredible. Its a shame they dont have the UFC license. I heard that THQ have a 3 game deal with the UFC, so hopefully this EA game will really make THQ step up.

But anyway, this EA MMA game might be crap..But who knows.

GamersRUs3158d ago

I never understood people's fascination with half naked men punching each other in the face.

Grown Folks Talk3158d ago

& with terrible hit detection.

cpuchess3158d ago

I agree, looked very robotic and not natural

Senden3158d ago

Aoki is fighting in strikeforce? Damn I wanna see him fight BJ :(

I hope that's not ingame footage also.. or at least it's slowed down video purposes because the animations look awful so far.

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