This is how Cloud Mario will work

Japanese retailer Neowing provided a little bit of information as to how the newly announced power-up Cloud Mario will work.

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-Mezzo-3110d ago

Great, Looking Forward to it.

Ziriux3110d ago

Heehe, cloud mario is adorable.

Valay3110d ago

Man, I can't believe how hyped I am for this game. And I actually thought Nintendo wasn't going to reveal another power-up. Very exciting to play this and use the new power-ups.

GUCommander3110d ago

As sad as it sounds.....this is a reason for me to buy Mario Galaxy 2.

CountDracula3110d ago

'Gay Mario' for a change? Not that I am but for the gay guys who commented above me.

ChickeyCantor3110d ago

But mario is always happy! =P

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