Digital Comic based on Nier game now available online

Part one of three digital comics from DC Comics Wildstorm Studios is now up at the Official Nier Site. The comics will contain an opening narrative to introduce players to the world of Square Enix's upcoming title.

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Basil-Rathboner3503d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

My apologises for straying off topic but it does pertain to those who are interested in comic books etc.

I just saw the movie 'Kickass.'

Sadly for those expecting a 4 to 5 star experience you will be disappointed.

The good news is i would rate the film 6 out of 5.

Top notch in every department from acting, screenplay, humour, pacing, music and lastly the over the top action and violence is brilliantly handled.

A must watch and the best super-hero movie since The Dark Knight. Iron Man 2 has some serious competition.

Once again sorry for straying off topic.

Tony P3502d ago

It's not ugly, it's a different style.

Plenty of characters are drawn like that and look perfectly fine. I think people just have issues going from East to West.

However, I think the cover itself sucks.