GameXplain: Cave Story Review

GameXplain Writes: "At long last, Cave Story has hit WiiWare, but without any of the fanfare you'd expect for such a stupendous title. It seems like years ago that Nicalis announced it would be porting over Studio Pixel's gorgeous, handmade love letter to classic games, Doukutsu no Monogatari (or Cave Story to the majority of you). I've been waiting with bated breath ever since I heard that the game would be hitting Nintendo's underappreciated download service with newly redone graphics and music. While I had some misgivings about Nicalis damaging the authentic feel of the game in the porting process, I was mostly just excited for the opportunity to play this game on an actual controller. Luckily for all of us, my misgivings were as unfounded as my excitement was justified..."

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