Infinity Ward is "dead", Insider says. And yes, we can blame Activision.

Explicit Gamer, "It's no secret that things are falling apart within the forces behind some of the most popular Call of Duty games, insiders seem all too aware."

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GUCommander3497d ago

I don't really think that's fair...Infinity Ward didn't fire their own co-founders. activision is getting exactly what it deserves....jerkoffs

MurderMyDoll3497d ago

Now if everyone would kindly revert their attention to Respawn Entertainment. Really Activision there just isn't a word to describe how stupid you are

rroded3497d ago

lets jus hope a phonix rises in its ases eh

erathaol3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

There are things you can blame both parties for.

Activision can be blamed for milking the Call of Duty franchise like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. Along with charging ridiculously high prices for a Map Pack and all while not honoring the agreement they made with Infinity Ward, which was the Royalties they owed to the core members. Basically telling an Artist to keep making work when your not even cutting them in on the profit they know they have rightfully earned.

Infinity Ward put out a glitchy mess of a game, with a subpar storyline and improved little to nothing on the overall graphics of the first. They only improved the fun of Multiplayer which was the major selling point of the 1st game but never even bother to Beta test it for errors. It rode heavily on the success of the first and got a clean pass by many who just didn't care about its faults.

However this whole thing is Activision's fault no doubt. We won't see the impact of this until Modern Warfare 3 in terms of the game development side of things but we already are seeing the impact on the moral of the industry.

I find it incredibly weird that they loosely talked about this happening in GameTrailers Bonus Round before it actually happened. Although the guy who brought it up suggested they wouldn't be able to find a new job. Looks like he was wrong.

Therealspy033497d ago

the company that has done nothing but churn out the same rehashed game over and over again is dead? darn...what ever will people do if they can't continue to support the development of redundant, boring, formulaic shooters?

Forbidden_Darkness3497d ago

@1.4: Its not Infinity Ward that gives the harsh deadlines for the game, its Activision, Infinity Ward only had so much time to make the game and Activision didn't even give them enough time to beta test the game, so all the glitches and such were left in it. So it's not IW fault, it all leads to Acti-Hell.

IdleLeeSiuLung3497d ago

I don't think Activision became among the biggest publishers by being dumb. If you look at what Activision offered the two, full control over all future CoD games after WWII then that is immense power.

Surely Activision knows that, it can be used as a pawn in negotation against them so I'm inclined to believe that West and Zampella enjoyed quite a bit of privilege. Furthermore, this is not the first time West and Zampella have pulled something similar. Remember 2015, Inc....

I have to say it goes both ways and blame the both.

morganfell3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Activision has a history of losing fights when they attempt to bully someone. They tried with Id and Carmack blew his top. He seems calm most of the time but he doesn't take crap off of anyone. He told Activision to go screw themselves and he walked. Hollenshead didn't blink once. Now Id is in bed with Bethesda.

Dave13513497d ago

They are actually really good at making video games. Aside from the multiplayer mess call of duty 4 and MW2 are awesome games

Raz3496d ago

Silly Activision. You killed the golden goose!

AEtherbane3496d ago

Who's going to make overhyped glitchy games now?

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Forbidden_Darkness3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

It seems to me that Activision is stalling MW3, not Zempella and West. If they would have just paid the bonuses, than this wouldn't have happened. Oh well, its Activisions loss and EA victory.

thetruthinator3497d ago

I bet the bonuses on a game like MW2 could have amounted to quite a bit of cash. We may not know the whole story but its looking that Activision's choice to strong-arm infinity ward is backfiring big time.

Typok3497d ago

Theres a reason I started boycotting Activision a looong time ago. Everyone told me I was an idiot but look now. Theyre getting whats coming to them. Good job Bobby Kotick!

ClownBelt3497d ago

A long time ago means last month? Nah I kid, I

But really, this could be consider as one of the stupidest move Activision made.

cheetah3496d ago

Same here, Kotick is a massive douchebag. F you Activision.

Software_Lover3497d ago

Could we see a buyout somewhere down the ....................wait. Forgot about Blizzard and World of Warcraft, LOL.

kissmeimgreek3497d ago

That mergers gonna bite them in the butt

El_Colombiano3497d ago

I still think that merge was the stupid move Blizzard could have ever done.

qface643497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

i agree with colombo
while i rather dislike blizzard i find their games rather dull but i know how successful they are and they had no where to go but up WITH or WITHOUT activision btw

3497d ago
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