MAG DLC Info Coming Next Week, Also Patch 1.5

Today Zipper announced the next Patch for its 256 player game MAG, which is coming Monday which improves leadership and weapons, Also Zipper revealed that the DLC info will be next week. What to except from the DLC is probably more Maps, new weapons and Modes hopefully.

"We'll have details on our next DLC soon as well (sometime next week", Jeremy Dunham
Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive

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LordMarius3506d ago

Get back to work on Socom 4

-Alpha3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

This is good incentive to jump back onto MAG, it's been a while since I played. Though, I want a clan to run with as I usually play solo or with a buddy. Anybody want to adopt me? :(


3505d ago
necksnappa3505d ago

MAG, I have been playing since the first beta, and I can't wait to get some new maps!!!

Gun_Senshi3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Greece (11,3 million)

Israel (7,4 million)

Saudi Arabia (27 million)

Bulgaria (7,5 million)

Iceland (317 000)

Slovenia (2 million)

Turkey (72,6 million)

Cyprus (800 000)

Hungary (10 million)

Romania (22,3 million)

Malta (413 000)

Estonia (1,3 million)

Latvia (2,3 million)

Lithuania (3,4 million)

Croatia (4,5 million)

Now you see what is that list. Those are counties, including countries in EU with no Playstation Store.

Now that said lets anaylze the DLC of this game.

DLC of this game is an account bound unlock key. Account Bound, thus people who live from the countries in that list cannot have our "free" DLC. This is discrimation against everyone who is more then entitled to get this DLC but lives in a country with no PS Store. Why cannot I, who paid definitly MORE then you (EUR 69.95) not entitled to a free DLC? No, its not some countries' law fault, its because Sony is too lazy to do PS Store here. (Malta)

There is quite an easy fix for this, which should had been done from the start. Like all games since dawn of time, free "DLC" should be automatic patch. Like Battlefield Patches which add Maps. Why did Zipper opted for the solution of making the unlock code account bound is beyond any sense.

Kindly support fans/userbase in countries with no PS Store by unlocking this "DLC" to everyone via a patch.

zpr_DunhamSmash wrote:

All PSN entitlements and how they work are based on Sony's PlayStation Store rules and regulations -- you should call Sony customer support and see if they can help you.

Phone to Sony. I was told that due to my country to make a PS Store in Ireland, since its in English and uses EUR Currency, same as my country. They also told me that all DLC and Add Ons will work with my games since they are all Region 2, same as Ireland Store.

Your "DLC", which is pretty much an unlock code is account bound. You are in no position to blame Sony. Its your own choice, Zipper's Choice ONLY.

You chosen to put an unlock code bound to ACCOUNT and name it DLC. Appart from putting free unlock code on PS Store, which makes no sense at all, you bound it to account only.

All DLC there is on PS Store is not account bound. From Burnout Paradise to Resident Evil, Killzone, COD Etc.

Senario: Lets pretend the DLC cost a price. So you pretend a family to buy the DLC on EACH account because you bound the map pack to account only?

Solutions are quite easy for this problem, and the problem is coming from Zipper only, not Sony.


1) Patch the game for everyone to get this "DLC"

2) Fix your "DLC" on PS Store so it will not be account bound (But Regional Locked, Region 1 will only work with Region 1), as per Sony PS Store Rules and Regulation.

Also, the DLC is not Region Locked.

voganlight wrote:

"I just made an UK PSN just to test the DLC.. and guess what.. it works on my JP copy of the game..If Sony think naming a diferent a disc was nice.. well GL, while they dont make this again or let me transfer the character to a working account.. well It was nice while it lasted.. and the worst thing is that probably anyone else w/ the same problem will do.. unless they dont care about loosing thei progress"

There are different versions of the game because of the currency. Games (and dvds, etc) have always had this, e.g. if you buy a game for the ps2 in the USA in wont work on an EU ps2. This is because someone could currently buy a cheap version of MAG in the USA (because the dollar is doing bad) and bring it back to europe, maybe saving up to 20 euros of money. Its all really logical. So now please start thinking about what you all said untill now and think about how companies work.. please

ThanatosDMC3505d ago

Copy and paste this down on the official MAG forums from their website. I hope it gets recognition.

Good luck to all my SVER brothers over there.

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