IGN: GTA: Episodes from Liberty City Review

It's probably been a long while since you last ventured into Liberty City. Take this opportunity to pick up a great collection of two additional campaigns. You might be surprised to discover how much you missed the noisy, crowded streets.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 10
Gameplay - 9.5
Lasting Appeal - 10
Overall -

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DavidMacDougall3504d ago

I love how all the storys come together, i'm playing each one a bit at a time, so the time lines are the same.

I just met Tonys boyfriend in TBoGT, then in the LaTD i gunned him down for diamonds LOL

ThePlaystationFour3505d ago

2008: GTA4 Graphics - 10
2010: GTA4 Graphics - 9.2.. thats almost an 8!

I'm not dissing on GTA4.. although it does fail compared to it's previous GTA titles on the PS2. IGN Fails...

btw I hate the FREAKING MODS! on n4g! they banned me from the gamerzone for no reason!

Serjikal_Strike3505d ago

you must of said something to get yourself banned...

its happened to me before too...i'll admit to trash talkin tho

Serjikal_Strike3505d ago

pass...still having a blast playing just cause 2

Bathyj3505d ago

Even thou I'm willing to believe this might be an improvement over the original game, I think I'm going to wait for Red Dead for my sandbox gaming. The more I see it the better it looks and I've been waiting for a good western game for a long time.

Now if only it had a Gem Saloon.

Gamealot3504d ago

yes, i definetly agree. it looks to be like an improvement to GTA4, but the reason i'm not getting it is because GTA4 sucked bad and this episodes should of been there in the original game. i felt ripped off when i spent $60 for the game and it wasn't any good, then they want me to pay $40 more to get the "full experience" ?........ yeah, okay.....GTFO !!

Johnny_Cojones3504d ago

I already owned the 360 version of GTA 4 & the expansions, but 30 bucks to play them again in much higher resolution, I had to do it.

They released a patch the other day, & you can put settings higher with less memory usage.

You can really appreciate all of the details on the PC version.

I'm glad to have this, among other games, to play while I wait for Red Dead Redemption.