Kojima's Taboo-Breaking Game: What It Could Be

Koj-ramble is kind of interesting, in that he's hinted that an upcoming project will deal with such a taboo subject that if he messes it up he'll 'probably have to leave the industry'.

So what's the big deal? What kind of subject matter might he be considering, to cause him to put such emphasis on its sensitive treatment?

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Batzi3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

It's none of the listed. All of the 24 years Kojima developed games in he brought up many subjects from political issues, nuclear war, new world order, culture of philosophy, love, hate, to nanomachines but left out one of the most if not the most important subject that defined the way people live under the rules of the "book" and that is of course religion. Not once did Kojima brought up religious themes or religion in general in any of his games fearing that his opinion might reflect to the audience in a negative matter and I think after all these years and after giving us moral stories and conclusions about what the world might be like, I think he finally decided to share his thoughts about the one subject that is considered an "industry taboo" if you think about it. Remember what happened when a verse from the Holy Koran was featured in a song in LittleBigPlanet? remember what happened? Media Molecule had to postpone the release of the game in order to patch the game and remove anything that might cause problems in the industry specially to muslims fans. In any case, I think it has something to do with "religion" and more precisely discussing the subject that all philosophers haven't figured yet and that is the "existence of God" which is considered a "metaphysical" problem in philosophy. Now the question is regardless of the content and nature of that "industry taboo", is it going to be a new IP or will he create another iteration in the Metal Gear franchise and share his thoughts that he might have wanted to share for so long? Only time will tell. For now, give us Peace Walker and show us Rising :P

catch3105d ago

I hope you're right I think that would be the most interesting subject for him to tackle. Kojima is a smart man and I think he could handle it well.

rezzah3105d ago

Great insight, couldnt think of what it could of been until I read what you typed. Religion is a very sketchy issue to deal with in gaming. IF Kojima pulls it off, seriously I cant see how he can, he will be beyond every other developer out there (if he already isn't).

DatNJDom813105d ago

A REBOOT OF XENOGEARS?!?!?!?!?!?! AWWWW SH!T!!!! jk. I really think it might be something religious/athiest or about homosexuality. Those things are considered taboo (although I dont agree they should). Or he can take it to the next level of horror. Imagine if he makes a game about the tea party..... sarah palin as the last boss. Thats just horrifying.

PinkUni3105d ago

i would fcking cry if it is.

so much fcked up sh!t that goes on with religion and then they have this stupid circular logic to justify everything they've done

conquest of the Americas

conquest of the Philippines


and all of it can just be "forgiven" because they can just say "oh those were bad christians we are good christians"

or sh!t like "they were possessed by the devil"

that kind of stuff gets me SO FCKING ANGRY

Slimshadyn3105d ago

Religion is definitely a taboo for some. You even dare make a crack at a certain religion and that religion's followers will go off. I wonder if it is along religion's line if it will be one in particular or religion as a whole? Anyway I can't wait to see what's up his sleeve and what this taboo is.

And yes DatNJ, Sarah Palin as a boss would be horrifying. Although simple logic would bring her down easy.

Rock Bottom3105d ago

I think it depends on where is it considered as a "Taboo", religion might be a big taboo in most of the world, but nobody really care about it in Japan, many Japanese games have gone there, even games from Konami(Silent Hill), it's no big deal over there.

Akagi3105d ago

You ruined your comment with ":P".

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BiggCMan3105d ago

rising is not mgs5 man. for one thing, its raiden, and an action game. And another thing, kojima himself said that peacewalker is more like an mgs5, and rising is just to make certain people happy...micro$oft.

El_Colombiano3105d ago

Since Playstation is a platform there is no way Metal Gear Solid will ever go multiplatform anymore. The closet thing you'll get to a multiplatform Metal Gear Solid title is Peace Walker going to PS2 with better graphics.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

MGS5 = Is Peace Walker. PSP Exclusive.

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foxtheory3105d ago

He's been talking about a new IP for awhile and that he's been excited for it. I'm sure we'll find out what it is after some long countdown.

Demons Souls3105d ago

It will be a story about Otacon molesting Sunny.

Bigboss193105d ago

this will be a new ip im hoping PS3 exclusive....after this new ip i see him making MGS5 ps3exclusive

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