IGN: LittleBigPlanet 2 Unofficially Revealed

Sony hasn't announced LittleBigPlanet 2, yet, but it is apparently on the way. Electronic musician Ochre announced on his Twitter feed today that he has licensed a song called "Infotain Me" to Sony for LittleBigPlanet 2. The sequel is being developed for PlayStation 3.

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ablecain3109d ago

Sweet. Hopefully the sequel has waaaaaaaaay more level building options and features

Megaton3109d ago

They've gotta make all original fan-made levels compatible with and playable from LBP2. Think they're gonna run into a whole lotta trouble if they don't.

DJexs3109d ago

Do not get your hopes up this is just a rumor. Until sony says that LBP2 is in the works I am a doubter.

LordMarius3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

LBP2 might not be a 2D platform game, it could be in 3D, which I hope it is, that way both games can co-exist and we get more Sackboy love

Also, let the E3 leaks commence

-Alpha3109d ago

It would be amazing if they could take it 3D. However, LBP is doing fine as it is and they need to do a lot more (like go 3D) for a sequel.

Personally I want Media Molecule to do another IP. They are very creative and would love to see what else they can do.

BannedForNineYears3109d ago

LBP 1 is still growing.
Hopefully MM takes their precious time.

Darkstorn3109d ago

LBP is a great game. Really should be played online, though.

Hotel_Moscow3109d ago

who needs a second one ive been playing little big planet fir kuje a year and i think i only played on what 1 percent of the maps ever created

masterg3109d ago


I disagree.
If they make it backwards compatible their lose a part of their freedom for LBP 2.

LBP 2 is a new game. It doesn't have to do anything for LBP 1.

vhero3109d ago

If they make a sackboy editor anything like modnation racers I will be over the moon.

BYE3108d ago

This makes no sense. Why would they do that unless they wanna milk the franchise?

I was curious about what Media Molecule would come up with next, but this is just lame as hell...

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saint_john_paul_ii3109d ago

it would be amazing if LBP 2 allows you to create worlds in 3d instead of 2d platforming.

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

It would be a very ambitious project but it would be a very worthy sequel if they can pull that off. Imagine creating actual worlds where you could have proper races in 3D, you honestly could have a game that does it all. It shouldn't be too hard to then implement FPS view for shooters, and then have all the creative tools for racers, etc. all in one.

Sony offers so much freedom for their developers and they honestly fund their games to the point where developers have such an expansive ability to create their games. Best of all is that they are supportive of the projects no matter what the title. What a dream it is to be a Sony First Party Studio, I would love to work there.

This is just a rumor but it's nice to dream

MajestieBeast3109d ago

Lbp2 taking on the action adventure genre like 3d dot game heroes. Create you own epic quest or something like that make your own weapons control everything would be freaking sweet. I dont think we need another platform lbp unless they can seriously add so much new stuff that its gonna make my head spin.

tripewire3109d ago

Yeah its probably best to make the sequal a different genre as I cant see what they could add to the current LBP.

blasian3109d ago

I remember someone saying it would be cool to play LBP in the same view crash bandicot was in which would be pretty nice.

MajestieBeast3109d ago

Sweet idea so its something like 2D-3D i would love to see that and a more extensive customizer for sackboys like modnation is doing.

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