Six New Halo: Reach Screens

onPause Writes: "Bungie has just released six brand new screenshots from the upcoming Halo: Reach mutliplayer beta."

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ape0073694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

has a strong feeling that this halo game will Kick some @ss

seriously, reach looks promising, it's absolutely fantastic how bungie crafted the new world and feel of reach, combined with its fresh soundtrack, new online modes and a Big graphics punch, the last beta gfx upgrade looked awesome

and most importantly, this game got heart and soul that missed in its competitors

Strikepackage Bravo3694d ago

thats one thing Halo games always have, heart, soul. I had gotten to a point in which just hearing the Halo music slowly start up, gave me goose bumps. I wonder if that is going to start to happen again the closer we get to the REACH launch.

Fanb0y3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

The music is incredible. Nothing beats ODST's 'Skyline'.

There are going to be some incredible moments in this game. Just like in every other Halo game. This is what I love about them.

Double-Kill in MW2 with a single sniper bullet? OMGWTFBBQ?#@!!!!

Cool story bro. That can happen in Halo 3, and that's probably the most boring thing that can happen.

Grenades can knock your mongoose around, and you get a splatter.
Banshee remains sandwich you flat.
Sniper bullet bounces off walls and kills someone.
Fusion coil blows a safety cone at 5000km/h and road-kills someone.

It's these moments that really define Halo, that really makes each multiplayer match something a bit different from every other, that makes it so dynamic, that makes it so fun to come back to.

If you can't see pics, here's the original source: Bungie Weekly Update

erathaol3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I feel sorry for the guy who is going to receive a dirty shot of M41 SSR MAV/AW to the back of his head.

3694d ago
erathaol3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )


Okay this is a little ridiculous. Agreed with everyone to make up for it. There is no reason for anyone to do that. At least be a man and show why you disagree with any points being made.

If anything I'd only partially disagree with Fanb0y on one thing, as I thought the first Halo was amazing and that Bungie just dropped the ball on the 2nd one. In terms of Single Player Campaign.

My favorite part of Halo 3's multiplayer is the customization of matches. As me and my friend created a Zombie-like mode that heavily revolved around surviving on outrunning fast Zombies with Warthogs. The weird new things they are showing on Reach shows Bungie likes to have fun with their MP design.

Halochampian3694d ago

Just saw Breaking Benjamin in concert (3rd time) and when the halo music started up and master chief displayed behind him, I got goosebumps. Such an amazing song and even better live.

GiantEnemyCrab3694d ago

Yeah, that BB track from Halo 2 was perfect. Still get's me amped up when I hear it. Hearing it live must of been awesome!

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Massv_Munkee3694d ago

i know this is random but if the mjolnir armor is suppose to protect the spartans, how in the hell can they die from an ordinary knife? i can understand the covenant sword killing em but an ordinary knife?

sukru3694d ago

but if you insist on an answer...

probably the knife goes though the helmet junctions and severs the arteries.

or anything else, as long as the game is good :)

SixZeroFour3693d ago

this is a premature answer seeing as how i havent looked at the animations from a 360 point of view, but the majolnir armor isnt a one piece...there are plenty of unprotected places on the armor that you can stab, especially from up close

DarkBlood3694d ago

man i like that color of the red spartans it looks awsome

knightdarkbox3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

halo reach is already the 1nd most pre-ordered game around the world ( check the vg chartz), and it has been there for over months aheadh of release and it is still moving up the list. The hype can only grow, really fast in reach...

and ps3 got nothing off games in 2010...

sad this :(

cant wait for best fps of this gen!!

Ronster3163694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

That from september 2010 onwards the ps3 is going to be in a WORLD OF PAIN at the hands of the mighty 360.

The only big hitter that sony have left is Gran Turismo 5.

There's 3 multi-million selling games all coming out within a 7 month period of each other on 360.......... Halo: Reach, Gears Of War 3 & Fable 3.

Throw other games in to the mix aswell like Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Portal 2 and the undoubtedly heavily marketed Natal, and its clear to see that sony are in DEEP TROUBLE from mid Q3 2010 onwards.

talltony3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I'm getting reach also but saying that Sony is in trouble is just stupid! U think the only heavy hitter Sony has left is gt5 lol so much ignorants and the fact that you forget about heavy rain and god of war 3 as if they never happened is just funny. Boy oh boy just wait to e3 more exclusives will be announced. I will bet you we will see the agent and last guardian.

Ronster3163694d ago

Saleswise Heavy Rain didn't happen, and due to its limited actual gameplay and longevity theres already tonnes of 2nd hand copies on game shop shelves.

God of War will sell a few million, but it's gonna be a long time before we see the next one.

God of War and Heavy Rain have been and gone, 360's line up of heavy hitters have not even rolled out yet, but when they do........ PAIN.

snesfangirl3694d ago

sony does still have some heavy hitters to come. one might be this fall/winter and that is socom 4, which i hope to god comes out ok. i still shudder when i think about socom confrontation, lol. but if sony and zipper can make this a "real" socom, it will be a bigger success than what some may think.

will it do halo's numbers, nah, but there is still a pretty large fanbase for the socom franchise. i wonder if sony will announce resistance 3 this e3? if anyone knows anything about r3 let me know i dont stay in the "loop" all the time.

CernaML3694d ago

Yeah uh, I didn't see the PS3 hurting during the Halo 3 launch. You know, the year that the PS3 had no games apparently? lol

lol Fable 3

talltony3693d ago

Sales wise heavy rain didn't happen? Lol for a completely new type of game it did, how could you even say that?and gow 3 sold faster than all the other ones even with a way smaller instal base. Their is something wrong with you if you think Sony is in trouble. If anything Microsoft is in trouble if natal doesn't take off.

Man bro don't be so ignorant. And since when does sales matter for you anyways? They don't but if you do care about them so much gt5 could be your worst nightmare. I can't wait for that. And how much do you think Alan wake will sell on 360 after all it's not like a multiplayer game. only game that will sell a lot on 360 this year is reach. Just watch.

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