Total Sales Put Nintendo DS Back On Top In Japan

Following a brief surge by the PlayStation 3 thanks to last month's release of Yakuza 4, the Nintendo DS is back on top in Japan. Nintendo's handheld managed to move a total of 36,459 units across its three SKUs compared to the PS3's 28,973 (via
In a week where hardware sales were generally down, the PSP-3000 managed to outperform the individual Nintendo DS SKUs with a total of 29,766 units sold. The PlayStation 2 and the PSP Go brought up the rear with 1,425 and 1,826 units respectively.

In the wake of last month's major releases, the major competitors all recorded a sizable drop this month. PSP sales dropped by nearly 6000 units, while PlayStation 3 fell by 10,000 units and the Wii and DS both fell by around 5000 units. By comparison, the Xbox 360 actually managed to buck that trend with a small increase of around 500 units sold.

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Jedward-3198d ago

How can you compare the sales of ds and ps3 when one is a hanheld that costs less than half the price btw lol at 500 increase of 360 gz :p