Are Nintendo Wii Games Worth It?

Associatedcontent: The seventh generation console produced by the gaming giant, Nintendo, gained loads of attention when it was first released. The Nintendo Wii offered a new play style along with updated graphics and new continuities of everyone's favorite games.

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Titanz3502d ago

All the 3 systems(PS3,360,Wii) is worth something to a specific "gaming crowd".

retrohive3502d ago

Yeah, blu-ray for PS3, online/play large game library for 360 & Wii is a solid console for children/casual gamers.

dangert123501d ago

ain't wii games cheaper to make then there hd counterparts
i think they cost to much to be honest with you theres not many games on the wii that are aslong as fall out mass effect etc or even have as good a graphics and they still cost more etc why?

garos823501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

already knows that games like super mario galaxy, metroid, zelda tp,ssbb are definately WORTH it.

edit- even "casual" games like wii sports are great. its the game that made me want to get the wii in the first place. sure there is a lot of crap and shovelware on wii but the good games on the console are just that: GOOD GAMES

Venox20083502d ago

all consoles has something unique..even if sony or microsoft will copy from nintendo, nintendo will still release a games with different angle (I mean not just shooters and ect..) I still will support nintendo for their good and funny games, becouse I had got bored from those shooters and something else, wii games have that no other game company has.. :)

pcz3501d ago

Wii games have been of great value to me, and i don't mean their value in pounds. I had given up on the games industry and didn't plan on returning to it, although i did watch its progress. So it was a breath of fresh air when the wii arrived, i was instantly attracted to it.

The wii re-ignited my interest in games, my want to play and have fun, and it has mostly delivered. I think that is priceless. There have obviously been some shortcomings but the basic idea of motion control has been implemented well. Obviously things like wii motion plus exand on that.

So yes, the games are worth it, if you have to get tedious and put a price on things then i would happily pay 35 pound for a new wii game. Baring in mind that the game would have to be epic. If it was a game like mad world i would happily pay 20 pounds. I usually pay around 29 pounds for a new wii game, which i think is fine. I would happily pay more for a special/limited/collectors edition- like the monster hunter tri packages they have been releasing.

I choose my games very carefully, i don't gamble or impulse buy on games, ie i know exactly what games i will or wont get. So to me, all the games i have are worth the price because i regard them highly.

seinfan3501d ago

No, they aren't. Most Wii games are unplayable and they sell for a buttload more than what they cost to make. Compared to PS3/360, the $60 games are a better deal than the BS that the Wii spits out for $50.