Latest Sales Chart Shows Xbox 360 Not Done Yet

Almost 5 years into its life, the Xbox 360 continues to sell, and stay consistent when it comes to consoles sales. Despite the system's overwhelming flaw, the 360 proves to be a console that has done something right, and the sales chart put together by Conceivably Tech proves it.

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3133d ago
Lord_Ranos3133d ago

Well of course. 360, PS3 and Wii have done really well this year.

LordMarius3131d ago

lets see,
its cheap
it plays Halo
its "next gen"

thats good enough for most Americans

-Alpha3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

Being affordable and playing a great game developed by a very dedicated team?

The 360 is selling well, why spin it into a "Americans are dumb and easy" stereotype? I hope you are not insinuating that.

Edit: Ok, just checking. That's why I asked. Sounded like you were saying that Americans didn't no any better for it. Sorry, 360 sales articles usually don't end up well here.

palaeomerus3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Uh huh. Cool Story there fake celebrity name Bro!

LordMarius3131d ago

what the hell, im just stating why it sells, no need to over analyze it

ClownBelt3131d ago

Give it 2 more years and MS will cut off all the support for this console. Lmao

palaeomerus3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Or maybe they won't and you'll be wrong. LMAO.

Dude below me, quite making up stupid crap. Thx.

Brklynty13131d ago

But a majority of its sales are from owners rebuying the console. Like I said before had 360 not been a faulty console it might not have sold so much. Also to the M$ PR that said 360 has to ability to have a 10 year life span.....BS. Mines barely lives for 3 months.

SprSynJn3131d ago

"The 360 is selling well, why spin it into a "Americans are dumb and easy" stereotype? I hope you are not insinuating that."

Because we are? It's known worldwide that we are one of the stupidest bunch of people on the planet when it comes to purchases. Games are no different.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3131d ago

I just realized that I haven't seen a post from Saaking in a very long time.

Wonder what name(s) he is going by these days.

tatotiburon3131d ago

@Brklynty1 yes because warranty doesn't exist right?

3131d ago
DelbertGrady3131d ago

That's like saying everyone who bought the PS3 did so because the PS2 was a big success and not because the PS3 is a great console.

Even Sony admitted to it.

"The first five million are going to buy it (PS3), whatever it is, even [if] it didn't have games."
- David Reeves, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO

soxfan20053131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

"Because we are? It's known worldwide that we are one of the stupidest bunch of people on the planet when it comes to purchases. Games are no different."

So, were Americans stupid when we bought 100 million PS1's and PS2's?

Transporter473131d ago

they knew their console is a great one, plus Ps2 was an amazing console so your telling me your not going to want to get a ps3 knowing how good a ps2 was, therefore your statement has no grounds

Fanb0y3131d ago


How would the majority of the sales be from re-buying consoles? Microsoft offers a free 3 year warranty, and the Jasper Xbox consoles are MUCH much less prone to getting the RROD.

Making up BS. Tsk tsk.

3131d ago
Brklynty13131d ago

1. Yes M$ does offer a 3 year warranty. The warranty is for only 1 fix. After that your on to the next one.

2. Jasper did not fix sh*t and you know it. That's exactly how m$ gets to you people! Everything they say is legit?! M$ is using the same tatic they use for windows! If M$ sold a perfect item, they wouldn't make any money! Look at XP, it was so good, nothing was wrong with it. Boom, here comes vista, as crappy and full of sh*t it was, it sold a lot. Why? Because said it was this brand spankin new OS that was the best out. And people gobbled it up. Even with all the bad reviews, they continued to buy it, even with the constant black screen of death, and constant unecessary updates that caused the black screen, people still bought it! Now they "fixed" it with 7. Notice a similar situation? 360! Only the unblind consumers can see through M$ tactics. Notice most of M$ periphials are needed and are overpriced. Play and charge started at $30 before now its idk how much. Not everybody has their 360 near their modem and some don't go through the hassle of buying a 50ft ethernet cable. M$ knows that, boom a freakin $100 wifi adapter that should cost $30. Live, curse me all you want, I've been on it since 07, just stoped in febuary, its NOT worth the $50, my opinion mind you. What m I getting for $50? Facebook? Twitter? Netflix? All of that sh*t can be done on a computer or smartphone. So basically I'm paying $50 a year for online gaming......that's it. I won't even go into the other console being free stuff. M$ knows how to get the people, the ones who can't see and think that is. When you buy a new 360 you have to buy that transfer cable just to transfer your data, they changed that with the USB, BUT it only goes up to 30GB, most 360 owners use more than that on their hard drive. For a majority of time people didn't know about the cable and had to buy a new hard drive. WHY?! Why can't I just put my old one on the new one?! Because that's how they freakin get you! And they'll keep doing it to you people figure them out and when that happens guess what? XBOX 720! "OMG the new xbox is out before the other consoles I'm jumping ship!" And thank you for continuing the cycle.

360 owners......WAKE UP!!!!

DJexs3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Ok thats cool I guess. Me and some buds where just chilling the other night and we kept giving the one guy crap because we where out on the 3 season porch gaming and his xbox was so loud he was going to wake the neighbors lol I do not understand how you could choose 360 over the ps3 especially when they are the same price. Ps3 has better HD it has blueray it has FREE online services and it doesn't have a douchebag (greenburg) running around ruining their image.

jaysquared3131d ago

"1. Yes M$ does offer a 3 year warranty. The warranty is for only 1 fix. After that your on to the next one."

Wow how about you do some research before you start posting lies like this..Ever heard of 360 owners who go through like 3-6 360s because they keep having to send it back? Yes it sad and very embarassing for M$! However the console is covered for 3 years(3RRoD/E74) and can break as many times and it will still be covered!

Redrum0593130d ago

U are a smart one, Microsoft is the only one of the 3console leaders that make their cash through non gaming tactics, banning 1million consoles b4 mw2...WTF, how do ppl fall for this crap. And as far them releasing the first next gen system, everyone knows that. That's why ps3 will remain in 3rd place, because that "stupid" war will end right wen the new gen starts (which will start by ms releasing the first next gen console b4 Sony gains in on them on sales) sales used to not matter to anyone till Microsoft came along, I honestly think ms hurt gaming in many areas.... F*** Microsoft , atleast they still do hav some good games, I'll admit that, but nothing new.

jden283130d ago

Look.... This Fanboyizm on both sides has to stop... The FACTS ARE:

1. I bet not one of you actually know where NPD or any other #'s posting come from...Well let me tell you...SONY, NINTENDO,AND MICROSOFT ALL release the same kind of number regardless of the terminology of SHIPPED OR SOLD, THEY RELEASE THE NUMBERS BASED ON HOW MANY THE SOLD TO THIER CUSTOMERS...Now for the un-initiated thier customers are NOT me and you but RETAILERS like Walmart, BestBuy, or Gamestop...neither NPD or any other reporting agency has any idea if little tucker went to his neighborhood games retailer and bought a new ps3, wii, or x360. Ever heard of a "BUYER" that is the man/woman resposible for buying the products on your store shelves and placing orders to manufacturers like SONY, OR MS. NPD and other reporting agencies contact people like that to find out what thier order's will be and have been that is how its done.

2. Microsoft started this generation off with a 10 million unit lead that Nintendo has already shot past, so we won't be talking about Nintendo because we're really talking about who will win the # 2 spot as Nintendo couls stop selling the Wii today with over 76 million sold and it would take MS or Sony 3 years to catch up. So, Sony is currently chipping away at MS lead in WorldWide #'s ("thier lead is now below 6 million units WorldWide")Sony currently leads in Japan by 4 mil, EU by 1 mil and Microsoft leads In America by 11 million.

3. Everytime thier is a major price reduction in either the ps3 or the x360 they enjoy a huge up-spike in sales. With the latest cycle favoring the ps3 after the slim re-design.

Conclusion: Both Sony and Microsoft will fight fiercly for the number 2 spot or as they like to say the lead hd console spot but its a game of when does the race end. What I mean is that at the CURRENT rate the ps3 will over take the x360 in 24-30 months it won't be this year or next but sooner or later the next gen of consoles will come out and depending on when they do does that decide?

PREDICTIONS: I predict Microsoft will announce a new 250gb slim version x360 this year with a price reduction and natal will increase thier lead in America and put them ahead in EU again give them a kickstart in Japan but thats about it..I predict this bundle to be under 299 and Sony will get ahold of a previosly MS only exclusive franchise. I predict that MS will sell over 50-55 mil x360 and Sony to sell around the same # 50-55 million I expect it to be a really tight race. The problem for Sony is that they must overcome MS 6 million unit lead in the next 30 months regargless of what MS does with it's price or features on the x360 because everyone expects that the new console generation will began in fall 2012...I also expect Nintendo to sell over 100 million unit unless they announce an new console in the next 14 months.

AAACE53130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

2.8 is right! Same thing happened with the Ps2... how else could they sell 140 million units last gen, have a more powerful more reliable console this gen and still have a hard time getting to 30 million units sold.

You can try to discredit it if you want to, but if there were really 140 million "INDIVIDUAL" owners of any product, they would have been able to sell 30 million within it's first year!

I can say this because I owned 6 Ps2's last gen and most of the people I know and have talked to randomly have had at least 3 Ps2's in the past, and Sony would never fix the Disc Read Error problem unless you sent it in and paid $140. So most just figured to buy a new one! There you have it... 140 million sold! The problem wasn't truely fixed until the slim came out.

@Tripewire 3... Get a headset and hook up with a good group of people and it might get you to see why we continue to pay. Chat with your friends anytime you want to.

I do/did like the Ps3 when I had one and plan on getting another one at some point in time, but the 360 just allows me to do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Try downloading the same demo on both consoles and time how long it takes before you can start playing it. Or start downloading something while you play a game. Or start downloading stuff and turn off your console and the 360 will continue downloading in low power mode. Try charging your controller and headset with the console turned off as well.

It's little stuff like that that allows me to keep playing how I want to play!

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Silly gameAr3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Why all of these reassurance articles? Everyone knows the 360 isn't going anywhere, so why write these types of articles?

Nathan Drake23133d ago

x360 is done everywhere else exept US and UK where microsoft spends trillions of dollars on marketing. in UK x360 is the cheapest console. even wii cost 25£ more.

tripewire3132d ago

Well I brought one about a week ago. Its more of a novelty than anything else. Still prefer the games on the PS3.

Oh and I'm gonna make an admission... ODST online is f###ing good. I got a one month Gold subscription to try it out. I dont think I'll renew it, online gaming should really be free, but yeah. Does it make up for the shortcomings of the console? No, not really. IMO sales would go though the roof if online play was free.

tripewire3131d ago

HAHA. How awesome. Just got back from GAME after getting a replacement for my 5 day old Elite. 5 f***ing days.

So much for all the delusional fanboys claiming that the hardware problems were fixed.

F***ing joke.

-Alpha3131d ago

Wait a minute, you have a jasper model? I have a jasper model...

I've looked everywhere to see how much RRoD has reduced (God knows its not ever going to be gone until the damn thing is redesigned). I haven't seen many RRoD claims lately but I know they exist. I just want to know what model you had because I'm scared for my 360.

Also, yeah, online in Halo is amazing. Have you played split screen? Download some games, modes, maps, etc. from User created content is great. Only reason I have a 360 is for Halo, and I don't want to pay for LIVE but I will for Halo. Ebay has Gold for around $30-$40. Better than spending $70 (Canadian).

tripewire3131d ago

Lol. Anyone else find it funny that they give their different motherboard revisions marketable names? THATS ho bad their hardware is.

BTW, I dont know what kind of motherboard it is. All I know is it was 4 days old when it started resetting yeserday. As in I was watching a movie on my PS3 when I noticed the light on the xbox was on when I had turned it off about 3 minutes earlier. I flicked to that channel and it was just booting, getting halfway through the X-Orb animation, freezing and repeating.