New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Screenshots

Xbox Evolved:

"New screenshots so off Naruto and crew facing off Hidan and Kakuzu."

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gargavi3100d ago

i hope that you like naruto.
i want to ask you that will there be a duel mode without online in naruto uns 2? please ,please reply me.

Blaze9293111d ago

Great day today for naruto. First the Sage scan:


and now some new screenshots. That plus the now online mode confirmed = day 1 purchase for me

ProA0073111d ago

nice - didn't see that scan!

AridSpider3111d ago

at least we know that its current with the Anime...wish it was the manga but that's asking for too much

ProA0073111d ago

looking good! I guess support characters are still in the game. just hope we can have the option to turn them off this time

AridSpider3111d ago

looks good, dont know why people kept thinking this would be downgraded now that its on the 360

3111d ago