Developer: Fitness Enthusiasts "Benefit More" From Move And Natal

GCO: "Nintendo's current success in the market is due to the fitness enthusiasts, people seeking physical "health". However, though there have been many success stories, Lightning Fish director Simon Prytherch believes that fitness enthusiasts will "benefit more" from the newer motion control devices than Nintendo's."

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Chris3993107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

(i.e. software that actually modifies the routine based on your muscle success and growth), these gimmicks are all going the way of the Gazelle. The technology is there, but everything on the market is geared towards casual fitness (which is a bit of an oxymoron - peoples' bodies are MADE for movement and vitality, fitness is essential to life).

Easiest way to get fit is to take some responsibility for your health, nutrition and wellness. There IS no magic cure (but taking care of yourself is rather easy and fun, once you're used to it), and some people will have to work harder to achieve the same results as others - that's just biology. I've been in this industry for over 10 years and there is no quick fix. If Wii Fit or Jillian Michael's shovel-ware get's you interested in fitness, great, but it certainly isn't recommended as a prescribed means of living. Not by anyone with any sense.

I don't see how either Move or Natal will change this unless they radically alter their methodology.

Bigpappy3107d ago

The wii gets a lot of attention with activity games. Form this time I saw the Natal demo (Ricochet), I thought it was more of a workout than a game. If they could only add something like a wrist ban that could monitor your heart-rate and post it on screen, Natal and to a lesser extent "Move" could become the new crave for people looking for a way to motivate them to get moving and keep moving. Most fit people stay fit by doing activities they enjoy (like sports).

If you are playing fun game that require you to move, you could put in a good workout and don't even notice. It is important though to keep track of that heart rate and how long you have stayed at that rate. Natal's ability to remember the user and store information could be very helpful in making sure people do not over exert themselves and have a progressive workout system. Base on what M$ have shown and talked about, this is what I envision for Natal. PS-Move includes a camera also, but works a bit different as it does not monitor the whole body in 3D. It might still be possible use the move controllers and the 2D camera to get a similar effect, but this is all left to the developers at this point, as Sony has not said much about what software will come with move to support identifying users and storing info in their profile. Where as M$ has shown Natal can tell stuff like: gender, body type and features by you just going in front of Natal.

Chris3993107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

but it remains to be seen whether they can create something (or are willing to invest in something) more than the fitness shovel-ware/ casual stuff currently on the market.

That's not a knock against the Wii. Even Nintendo doesn't claim that Wii Fit will actually make you fit; they're being honest in referring to it as a "game".

I'd like to see some serious, virtual life-style coaching supported with dynamic programming, online features, webisodes, that sort of thing.

Not shovel-ware or games to make people bounce around.

el_nene_lindo3107d ago

for the wall of text im not going to even bother reading it

Chris3993107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Probably safe to assume that you don't read much then. That was a rather civilized discussion (for N4G). You should probably steer clear.

Stationfan3107d ago

Can you guys imagine a Virtual Sgt Gunney from Full Metal Jacket, on your screen telling to finish up those last reps of situps, or else your going to look like 500lbs of chewed up bubble gum.