Asked & Answered: Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Posses, Episodes from Liberty City, and Much More

Rockstar writes - "We've got a whole new round of questions received from the community via Newswire comments, Mouthoff email, Twitter and Facebook.

Starting with answers to a range of questions we got from fans excited about and curious for more info on the posse mechanic in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer Free Roam that we unveiled last week..."

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Pennywise3107d ago

My biggest complaint was autoaim in GTA's multiplayer. I see they are sticking to it. I will not be buying this game because of autoaim. Very lame... some people need to get some skills.

zeeshan8103107d ago

You can turn-off the autoaim in GTA IV.

Pennywise3107d ago

Whats the point of turning off my auto-aim if all other players have it on? Cheap.

zeeshan8103107d ago

You can turn-off the autoaim from the Online Match Setting.

Brklynty13105d ago

Pre-ordered it on friday. Looks to be way better than the 1st one. Its about to get rawdy in this MOFO! YEEHAW! *bustes a 12 gauge*

BannedForNineYears3105d ago

Read Dead Redemption = GOTY.....No doubt.
If not, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, GT5, or inFamous 2.

SprSynJn3104d ago

It sounds to me like you never really played the online portion of GTAIV. Either way, you just got told. :p

Nolando3104d ago

i don't understand your comment, 3 of the 4 games are not coming out this year (is there an infamous 2 coming out?) and GT5 will only win (if any) a few GOTY (racers imo dont really seem to win GOTY)

to make a more realistic list than yours Alan wake, Halo: Reach, Fable 3, or Red Dead Redemption are my GOTY candidates :P

at least on my list all the games come out this year ;) and yes i chose all 360 games because for some odd reason you only chose PS3 games hm...

Demons Souls3104d ago

That would be a good thing.

Free aim + headshot > auto-am + bullet spam to body

That's one of the reasons I like games such as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, & Metal Gear Online. It seems like MGO is the only game people really go for headshots on and in MGO you can even disable auto-aim now so other players can't use it.

Gamer7l3104d ago

You're a bigger moron than I originally thought....which is saying a lot. What a stupid noob. :D

Pennywise3104d ago

You sensitive people need to chill out and quit being so upset.

Ive played GTA4 online - Only if the host turns off auto-aim(Which they usually dont) all of the players won't have it.

If the host doesn't turn it off than all players with it on will still have it ON.

My gripe is most hosts leave it on. I don't think online multiplayer should have snap auto-aim like GTA4. Anyone who disagrees likes to have the computer give you skill - WHICH YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE.

raWfodog3104d ago

Then why don't you host and turn off the auto-aim?

Pennywise3104d ago

Because sometimes I just want to jump into game and not have to wait for people to join my game. Why is everyone so testy about this? You guys really like auto-aim or something?

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s45gr323105d ago

can't wait for this game :-)


Me either! I'm slightly more excited about this than Alan Wake, but there's no way in hell I'm missing either one!

Nolando3104d ago

going to be so epic... This game literally just flew on my radar not even two months ago and it just blew me away... i cant wait to unleash my inner clint eastwood!

I wonder if you can be a more john wayne cowboy though... wouldnt mind being that heart warming horse rider type strolling through the city :P

Brklynty13104d ago

I was like meh another Red Dead game because the other one was ok(I found Gun to be better than revolver) but then when I heard that and saw the other trailersn I went down to GS and slapped $65 bucks on the counter. Can't wait to May 18, my posse is gonna pwn all!