Top 10 features the next SEGA console should have

SEGAbits says: "Let's be positive, there will be another SEGA console some day (I hope!) and it will need unique features and even catch up with features to make it stand out against the competition. So if SEGA announced a new console soon, these are the features I think they need to have."

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orange-skittle3133d ago

Before SEGA sits down to discuss another console, they should figure out how to develop quality software. Sega is struggling and has teetered with bankruptcy on many occasions. They still can't figure out what retro game to reboot and sell, so they keep rehashing Sonic titles. They are not in any position to think about consoles at this point. They would have to partner w/ another company in order to pull that off and I don't see it happening.

EA wanted to enter the console market at one point, but have since backed away from it seeing that the current manufacturers have the market on lock. It's a MicroSonTendo world and no new consoles will be warmly received at this point

Rikitatsu3133d ago

Valkyria Chrinicles 1&2 and the Yakuza series along with VF5 and Empire Total War... Lets not forget about Bayonetta and Madworld and the upcoming Vanquish (yes not developed, but owned by SEGA)

qface643133d ago

the next sega console shouldn't even have a top 10 features because it will never be made
the way things are now sega can't even afford to think about re entering the console market

mushroomwig3133d ago

Wow talk about a pipe dream, the chances of SEGA re-entering the console market are lower than me winning the lottery twice in a row.

knifefight3132d ago

-Online play cpaability, right out of the box
-4 controller ports
-Controllers with something special about them-some pizazz, like a display screen on the memory card. Speaking of which,
-A memory card that you can pull out of the controller and do extra stuff with.
-A unique brand of media.
-A web browser.

*Software lineup including but not limited to:
-An online action RPG.
_A quasi-RPG whose selling point is Quick Time Events and high realism.
-Some solid 2D *and* 3D fighters
-A Bomberman!
-Innovative sports titles.

CountDracula3132d ago

-Better marketing than the Dreamcast.
-and Shenmue 3

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The story is too old to be commented.