The Halo 3 E3 Trailer - Campaign Footage

While September is still off in the distance, tonight, a small part of the wait is over. The Halo 3 E3 Trailer, a visual and aural presentation destined to eradicate your senses and whip you into a frenzy is available below. The trailer will also be appearing on the Xbox live marketplace for download. To view the HD version click on the link below the embedded video.

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Odion4305d ago

OMFG it looks so freaking amazing the levels looked HUGE

iceice1234305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Nobody can talk Sh!t about its graphics or scale now, it's just too good.

Someone disagreed with me, explain sony fangirls.

Firewire4305d ago

WTF! It looked like crap! nothing new at all!
It was the same old Halo graphics!
MS failed, massive disappointment!

FreeMonk4305d ago

I'm a big Halo fan. Love the first two games, loved the Beta and will be purchasing my Legendary Box set in September.

BUT....I am a little disappointed on 2 things.

1. Why was Bungie not there to actually demo the Single Player experience? They did it with Halo 2 and it went down a storm. The 2 minute trailer was a bit poor, with no real explanation of what's new etc. There's obvious things, but I would of like to be walked through it.

2. Graphics. I know the game is going to be massive in scale and a blast to play which are the 2 main important things, but still. I was hoping for a huge leap from Halo 2, and I thought the Beta was nice looking but surely the Single Player experience will shine...but it looks the same.

The lighting effects looks cool, and the tree's ect, but I'm just worried that come tommorow, Halo 3 is going to get overshined by a game Sony will be showing called Killzone.

Either way, Halo will sell bucket loads, but I know some people are going to be disappointed, even some people who are trying to put a positive spin on this as well.

I know I'll get a load of disagree's, but that's how I feel!

felidae4305d ago

why? .. why am i dissapointed?

i had such high hopes for halo 3 singleplayer graphics .. at least i hope the gameplay will be very nice so please don't dissapoint me.

cod4 looks 10x better than halo3.

Omegasyde4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

I totally agree, but what gives? No screens of Co-op running?
I pray for online/4 player split screen Co-op on Legendary...

The new warthog looks awesome since you can have the passengers shoot out with any gun. Who needs a turret when you have a experienced driver with 2 people riding shotgun with sniper rifles? or even better rocket launchers? What about the spartan laser?
The clan that masters this will be Unstoppable.

Bungie put more effort in Multi player than singleplayer however...Multiplayer is the force driving Halo and is the real reason people buy the game. The single player won't be "epic", but the battles online will be legendary.

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Eric93584305d ago

the wart hog with out a turret but 2 sets instead

aiphanes4305d ago

Everything else was weak at best.

Assans Creeds had some graphic glitches...and will probably be better on the PS3 since i heard it was developed on the PS3 first then ported to the Xbox 360.

Halo 3 was the bomb!! I will definately get it. Everything else sucked on the Xbox 360.

Gears of War on the PC rocked!!!!

iceice1234305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

&others will all suck?

Yep, people will learn soon that that is what the new E3 is about.

Rhezin4305d ago

F!ck you man, lets see what sony has to offer, you talk sh!t like that.